What Is Technology Consumption Management?

Better, Cheaper, Faster is a myth in a cloud-enabled world.
Better, Cheaper, Faster is an IT lie.

Technology Consumption Management is at the core of Amalgam Insights’ research, advisory, and consulting efforts to bridge the CIO and CFO offices. In today’s world, we have instant access to cloud-based scale, massive processing power, artificial intelligence and machine learning APIs, automated data modelling and integration, mobility and IoT devices, and collaborative platforms. The question is no longer whether technology can support our business goals, but how we identify, purchase, and adopt the technologies that we need.

Traditionally, the goals of IT were to provide “Better, Cheaper, and Faster” technology. However, with the emergence of the cloud, subscription and varible pricing, and consumerized demands for technology, this cliche no longer applies. Amalgam Insights would argue that world-class technological resources are now available on-demand at relatively low costs for proof-of-concept projects. In this world, the traditional measures of “Cheaper” and “Faster” are only marginally relevant for competent IT sourcers. In addition, the idea of “Better” has largely transformed from measures of storage, processing power, and speed to purpose-built technology experiences to support business outcomes.

Digital Transformation is an important and foundational paradigm shift for IT Management.

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