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Over the next couple of months, keep an eye or ear out for Amalgam Insights as we show up at an event or webinar near you. Catch up with us at the following times:

  • August 31: BrightTalk Webinar: Eight Telecom Expense Solutions Gartner Missed
  • September 12-14: AI in San Francisco attending Looker’s Join 2017
    September 26: Webinar: Machine Learning, Design Thinking, & the Role-Based Expert Enhancement Platform
    September 27-28: AI in New York City attending O’Reilly Media’s Strata/Hadoop
    October 3-4: AI in Indianapolis attending MOBI’s Untethered Summit
    October 17-19: AI in Las Vegas attending Intacct Advantage
    October 26: Webinar: Making the Leap from TEM to IT Management

What am I missing? Where else should I be? Let me know!

For more details on how to meet up with AI or to attend one of our events, look below!

August 31, 1 PM Eastern: Amalgam Insights will be presenting a webinar on Eight Telecom Expense Solutions Gartner Missed focused on 8 Hidden Gems for managing Enterprise Technology. If you are doing your homework, join us to see why these vendors have unique geographic, technical, vertical, or business model expertise. Sign up for this webinar!

September 12 – 14: Held in San Francisco this year, Looker Join is one of my favorite shows of the year because every attendee is there to figure out how to make their businesses more data-savvy and more fluent in analytics. I’ll be sharing best practices in getting hundreds and thousands of employees to use analytics for better decision-making with my fellow attendees. If you plan to attend, I hope to see you there!

September 26: In this webinar, I’ll explain why the future of machine learning comes from Role-Based solutions focused on Expert Enhancement. Technology for its own sake is meaningless. But based on interviews with dozens of enterprise application platform users, application vendors, and machine learning providers, Amalgam Insights described how lessons from embedded BI and application analytics can be used to create the next-generation of embedded AI and embedded machine learning applications ranging from start-ups like Tact, Gong, and Chorus to large enterprise vendors such as IBM, Salesforce, and Infor. Learn more at this webinar.

September 27 – 28: In New York City, O’Reilly’s Strata/Hadoop will provide guidance on the future of Big Data, analytics, and machine learning. I’m looking forward to discussing the latest and greatest strategies in providing machine learning to the masses. I hope to see you there!

October 3 – 4: Over in Indianapolis, digital transformation-focused executives will be gathering at MOBI’s Untethered summit. I’m looking forward to sharing insights from recent research and showing how enterprises can improve access to cutting-edge mobility. Join the mobility nobility in Indy!

October 17 – 19: I’m looking forward to visiting Sage Intacct in Las Vegas! My attention will be both on seeing how the recent Sage acquisition has changed Intacct and to have a lot of discussions regarding how companies are changing their budgeting and operations to deal with new revenue recognition and leasing standards. A lot of people are going to be losing expected budget and they’re not going to be happy… I’d love to speak with you in Vegas about what I’ve been seeing!

October 26: For this webinar, I’m going to discuss best practices for expanding telecom and mobility management initiatives to include SaaS, cloud infrastructure, IT assets, and other non-standard assets and services. This webinar will include representative speakers from the vendor and end user community that have been through this journey. A must-attend for IT, procurement, and operations managers seeking to expand their roles!

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