Rather than purchasing the company outright or creating their own version, the vendors choose to take a minority stake in these companies while having some shared go-to-market or partnering strategy. This additional step beyond cooperation involving an equity investment is a trend that Amalgam Insights calls “Investipartnering” where companies choose to make equity commitments with go-to-market partners. Recent examples include:

Kubernetes has evolved from an interesting project to a core aspect of the next generation of software platforms. As a result, enterprise IT departments need to manage the costs associated with Kubernetes to be responsible financial stewards. This pressure to be financially responsible is exacerbated by the current status of COVID-driven pandemic recession that the majority of the world.

On January 11, 2021, Informatica announced its Customer 360 SaaS solution for customer Master Data Management. Built on the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services platform, Informatica’s Customer 360 solution provides data integration, data governance, data quality, reference data management, process orchestration, …

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