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5 Feb, 2021 BY Hyoun Park

Managing Inventory for Kubernetes Cost Management

Last week, we mentioned why Kubernetes is an important management concern for cloud-based cost management....

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5 Feb, 2021 BY AmalgamMedia

Tidelift Launches Catalogs to Support Open Source Maintenance

"On February 2, 2021, Tidelift announced several updates to its Tidelift Subscription designed to help...

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3 Feb, 2021 BY Hyoun Park

Market Alert: Box Acquires SignRequest to Develop Internal Electronic Signatures

Key Takeaway: "This opportunity for existing Box customers to embed e-signature more deeply into their...

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8 Predictions for the Future of Analytics

This presentation is the slide deck for the 2021 Analytics Predictions webinar we presented on BrightTALK. Find out why:

* Your organization will embrace a Data Storyteller in 2021
* Data Ethics and identifying bias will become a foundational business challenge that
affects data analysts and scientists
* Why COVID will lead to an increased division between analytic Haves and Have Nots
and more!

For more information on these predictions or to schedule advisory time with Hyoun Park, please contact us at info@amalgaminsights.com

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