Allego’s Point-in-Time Video Feedback Trains People Skills in the Sales Brain


Author: Todd Maddox

Allego’s Point-in-Time Video Feedback offering allows feedback to be inserted and embedded throughout the sales professionals’ videotaped pitch. This feedback can be targeted and specific to some aspect of the pitch at that point-in-time. From a learning science perspective, the sales professional can visualize themselves and “relive” the experience giving the pitch and can receive corrective feedback on the fly. This simulates real-time, interactive feedback and is much more effective at engaging the appropriate people skills brain regions than receiving feedback at the end of the pitch. It is also scalable, which is a serious challenge for truly interactive offerings.

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Key Stakeholders: Chief Sales Officers, Sales Directors and Managers, Sales Personnel, Learning & Development Professionals

Why It Matters: Sales professionals struggle to internalize and personalize sales pitches. Articles, books, and blogs on the art of sales provide a cognitive understanding of people skills, but do not effectively train the behaviors associated with people skills. Allego’s Point-in-Time Video Feedback provides the necessary feedback to help sales personnel internalize people skills.

Top Takeaway: Companies seeking to improve their sales training and onboarding should consider Allego’s Point-in-Time Video Feedback as a strong people skills training product. Allego’s Point-in-Time Video Feedback is grounded in modern 21st-century brain science lessons for training effective people skills.

To read this report at no cost, read the full Market Milestone at