5 MegaThemes for the 2020s That Will Transform IT

2020s Tech MegaTrends
As we get ready for 2020, Amalgam Insights is here to prepare companies for the future.  In the past few weeks, we’ve been posting insights on what to look for in 2020 with posts including:

and our four-part series on Ethical AI for the future:


Over this decade, we have learned how to work with technology at massive scale and with unprecedented power as the following technology trends surfaced in the 2010s:

  • The birth and death of Big Data in supporting massive scale as the terabyte shifted from an intimidating amount of data to a standard unit of measurement
  • The evolution of cloud computing from niche tool to a rapidly growing market that is roughly $150 billion a year now and will likely be well over a trillion dollars a year by the end of the 2020s
  • The Internet of Things, which will enable a future of distributed and specialized computing based on billions of processors and build on this decade’s massive progress in creating mobile and wireless smart devices.
  • The democratization of artificial intelligence tools including machine learning, deep learning, and data science services and platforms that have opened up the world of AI to developers and data analysts
  • The use of CRISPR Cas9 to programmatically edit genes, which has changed the biological world just as AI has changed the world of technology
  • Brain biofeedback and Brain-Computer Interfaces, which provide direct neural interfaces to control and affect a physical environment.
  • Extended Reality, through the development of augmented and virtual reality which are starting to provide realistic sensory simulations available on demand
2010s Tech Drivers
2010s Tech Drivers
These bullet points describe where we already are today as of the end of 2019. So, how will all of these technologies affect the way we work in the 2020s? From our perspective, these trends fit into 5 MegaThemes of Personalization, Ubiquity, Computational Augmentation, Biologically Influenced Computing, and Renewability.

We believe the following five themes have both significantly evolved during the 2010s and will create the opportunity for ongoing transformative change that will fundamentally affect enterprise technology. Each of these MegaThemes has three key trends that will affect the ways that businesses use technology in the 2020s. This piece provides an introduction to these trends that will be contextualized from an IT, data, and finance perspective in future work, including blogs, webinars, vendor landscapes, and other analyst insights.
2020s Tech MegaTrends
2020s Tech MegaTrends
Over the rest of January, we’ll explore each of these five MegaThemes in greater detail, as these primary themes will end up driving innovation, change, and transformation within our tactical coverage areas including AI, analytics, Business Planning, DevOps, Finance and Accounting, Technology Expense Management, and Extended Reality.

In our next blog, we’ll cover MegaTheme 1 on Individualization and how the 2020s will build on generational shifts, subscription and on-demand economies, and distributed identity to support specific and contextualized experiences on a ubiquitous basis.

Amalgam Insights Speaking at Informatica’s Virtual Summit on AI-Powered Data Cataloging

On August 27, Amalgam Insights invites you to Informatica’s AI-Powered Data Cataloging Virtual Summit which focuses on the core questions of

Where is all your data?


How do you find it, organize it, and accelerate time-to-value with AI?

The virtual summit features the following speakers

Awez Syed, Sr. Vice President for Metadata Intelligence and Enterprise Data Catalog – Informatica
Hyoun Park, CEO and Principal Analyst – Amalgam Insights
Rob Ray, Senior Data Architect – Nissan
Dave Falder, Senior Technical Specialist – Maersk
Anil Bandarupalli, Sr. Software Engineer – Rabobank
Dan Jewett, Vice President of Product Management – Tableau
Joe Brandenburg, Data Steward of the Enterprise Data Governance Office, New York Life

This virtual summit will be held on Tuesday, August 27, 2019 at 9:00 AM PDT | 12:00 PM EDT. We look forward to seeing you there!

Understanding Microsoft’s Investment in OpenAI

On July 22, Microsoft announced a $1 billion investment in OpenAI, a lab focused on “artificial general intelligence,” or the goal of creating artificial intelligence with human-like observation and learning capabilities. With this announcement,  Microsoft becomes the “exclusive” cloud computing provider for OpenAI and will have access to productizing OpenAI capabilities as they come to market.

Key Takeaways: Microsoft makes a long-term investment in “general intelligence” to start on the next generation of AIs that will be coming to market in five-to-ten years and will be able to recoup some costs back as OpenAI’s cloud provider and monetizer of OpenAI technologies.

Continue reading “Understanding Microsoft’s Investment in OpenAI”

Knowledge 2019 and ServiceNow’s Vision for Transforming the World of Work

In May 2019, Amalgam Insights attended Knowledge 2019, ServiceNow’s annual end-user conference. Since ServiceNow’s founding in 2004, the company has evolved from its roots as an IT asset and service management company to a company that supports digital workflow across IT, HR, service, and finance with the goal of making work better for every employee. In attending this show, Amalgam Insights was especially interested in seeing how ServiceNow was evolving its message to reflect what Amalgam Insights refers to as “Market Evolvers,” companies that have gained market dominance in their original market and taken advantage of modern mobile, cloud, and AI technology to expand into other markets. (Examples of Market Evolvers include, but are not excluded to, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Workday, Informatica, and Tangoe.) Continue reading “Knowledge 2019 and ServiceNow’s Vision for Transforming the World of Work”

Quick AI Insights at #MSBuild in an Overstuffed Tech Event Week

We are in the midst of one of the most packed tech event weeks in recent memory. This week alone, Amalgam Insights is tracking *six* different events:

This means a lot of announcements this week that will be directly comparable. For instance, Google, Microsoft, Red Hat, SAP, and ServiceNow should all have a variety of meaty DevOps and platform access announcements. Google, Microsoft, SAP, and possibly IBM and ServiceNow should have interesting new AI announcements. ServiceNow and Red Hat will both undoubtedly be working to one-up each other when it comes to revolutionizing IT. We’ll be providing some insights and give you an idea of what to look forward to.

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ICYMI: On Demand Webinar – Four Techniques to Run AI on Your Business Data

On October 17th, I presented a webinar with Incorta’s Chief Evangelist, Matthew Halliday, on the importance of BI architectures in preparing for AI. This webinar is based on a core Amalgam Insights belief that all enterprise analytics and data science activity should be based on a shared core of trusted and consistent data so that Business Intelligence, analytics, machine learning, data science, and deep learning efforts are all based on similar assumptions and can build off each other.

While AI is beginning to impact every aspect of our consumer lives, business data-driven AI seems to be lower on the priority list of most enterprises. The struggle to understand the practical value of AI starts with the lack of ability to make business data easily accessible to the data science teams. Today’s BI tools have not kept up with this need and often are the bottlenecks that stifle innovation.

In this webinar, you will learn from Hyoun Park and Matthew Halliday about:
  • key data and analytic trends leading to the need to accelerate analytic access to data.
  • guidance for challenges in implementing AI initiatives alongside BI.
  • practical and future-facing business use cases that can be supported by accelerating analytic access to large volumes of operational data.
  • techniques that accelerate AI initiatives on your business data.

Watch this webinar on-demand by clicking here.

Data Science Platforms News Roundup, September 2018

On a monthly basis, I will be rounding up key news associated with the Data Science Platforms space for Amalgam Insights. Companies covered will include: Alteryx, Anaconda, Cambridge Semantics, Cloudera, Databricks, Dataiku, DataRobot, Datawatch, DominoElastic, H2O.ai, IBM, Immuta, Informatica, KNIME, MathWorks, Microsoft, Oracle, Paxata, RapidMiner, SAP, SAS, Tableau, Talend, Teradata, TIBCO, Trifacta, TROVE.

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