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Market Landscape: Kubernetes Evolves Into An Enterprise Platform

Why It Matters:
Kubernetes is quickly becoming the base for next generation enterprise microservices platforms. Understanding what is happening in the Kubernetes market now and in the near future is vital for planning, training, and design of new enterprise software platforms.

Top Takeaway:
As Kubernetes-based platforms gain traction, larger clusters that span datacenters, clouds, and geographies are becoming a feature of new software platforms. Much of the focus in the Kubernetes community is about solving problems of scale, especially management of large diverse clusters. This is why the industry is seeing technology and practices that enable the federation of Kubernetes and related services such as service mesh.

Vendors and Organizations Listed in This Report: Amazon, Canonical, Cloud Foundry Foundation, Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), Datadog, Google, Hashicorp, HPE, Humio, Layer5, Lightstep, Microsoft, Mirantis, Oracle , Platform9, Rancher Labs, Red Hat, Solo.io, Spectro Cloud, VMware

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