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Repositories: Managing Source Code Artifacts and Containers

Why It Matters: As code deployments continue to accelerate, automation of the management and storage of source code, build artifacts, and container images becomes more necessary than ever. Security requirements also demand new solutions for managing code in all stages of its lifecycle. Repositories now exist that provide specialized features for managing code at different points in its lifecycle, from creation to deployment. While this expanded repository landscape provides much needed features, it adds to the already increasing complexity of DevOps toolchains.

Solutions Mentioned Include: Git, Harbor, Mercurial, Project Quay, Atlassian Bitbucket, AWS CodeCommit, AWS Elastic Container Registry, AWS CodeCommit, Azure Repos, Docker Hub, GitHub, GitLab, Google Container Registry, JFrog Artifactory, Red Hat Quay & Quay.io, and Sonatype Nexus.

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