About Us

About Us

We track the business value of technology

Amalgam (noun):

”a blend of elements that creates a complete whole” –
Cambridge English Dictionary, online, 2019

Amalgam Insights is a blend of expertise – a community of curious and engaged thinkers who focus on the value of technology, trends and strategies that lead to positive disruptive change and business outcomes. We use our decades of experience to track the financial, organizational, and strategic value of technology in the following areas.

  • Managing IT Costs and Budgets
  • Augmenting Accounting and Finance Efforts
  • Making Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning More Accessible

We dig deeply into the traits that translate software functionality into revenue, productivity, and business transformation.

Work with us

Set up an initial Analyst Briefing with us! Let us know how we can help your organization to cut IT costs, improve your data initiatives, or evaluate finance and accounting software! Get in touch and we'll show you the newest and most relevant trends.

How we help

We don't just provide market trends and recommendations to your company. We show you the key trends that actually increase business value and make your work lives easier.

Our process

We work with clients based on what they need, not what we sell. Some clients just need a quick advisory call while others need a workshop, presentation, or ongoing guidance throughout a transformative year. But your success is always top of mind for us.

About Us

Amalgam Insights

We are an industry analyst firm founded by Hyoun Park in 2017 to manage the data, expenses, and finances of enterprise technology. Since our inception, we have had the honor of helping over 1,000 businesses with their technology challenges. We would love for you to be next.

If our research, blog, social media, and presentations have gotten your attention, please set up time to chat with us. We’re always game to talk tech!