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Hyoun Park
Lynne Baer
Kelly Teal

Hyoun Park, administrator

Hyoun Park is the CEO and Principal Analyst at Amalgam Insights. His coverage areas include Technology Expense Management, FinOps, analytics, and data management with a focus on helping companies make the transition to IT as a Service, artificial intelligence, and ethical IT. Throughout his career, Hyoun has focused on bridging practical gaps in mobility, data, analytics, machine learning, and finance in venture capital-backed startups, enterprise IT departments, and as an independent analyst and consultant.

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Lynne Baer, administrator

Lynne Baer is the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Analyst at Amalgam Insights. Her coverage includes Data Science Platforms, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools, and related data and metadata management tools used to prepare enterprises for Data Science at Scale.

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Kelly Teal, editor

Kelly Teal has worked as a journalist, editor, and analyst for more than 20 years. At Amalgam Insights, she covers the business value of implementing and managing technologies; this approach includes vendors, processes, and best practices. Kelly helps enterprises, small and medium businesses, and other end-user organizations understand the tools at their disposal, and the ways in which they can improve finances and operations.

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About Amalgam Insights

Amalgam Insights (AI) is a consulting and strategy firm focused on multiplying the value of technology by effectively managing the financial, operational, and human challenges of Digital Transformation. We help vendors with strategy, product roadmap, thought leadership, and messaging challenges. We help enterprises with vendor selection across our coverage areas. And we help investors conduct due diligence on private equity and venture capital investments.

AI believes that all businesses must fundamentally reimagine their approach to data, design, cognitive augmentation, DevOps, and training to remain competitive. To support this approach, AI provides marketing and strategic support to enterprises, vendors, and institutional investors for conducting due diligence in the following areas of Technology Consumption Management:

  • Applied Machine Learning and Expert Enhancement
  • Accounting and Audit Automation
  • Technology Expense Management, including telecom, mobility, and cloud
  • DevOps
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • Enterprise Training, Learning, and Development

AI is currently available for thought leadership marketing, value & ROI mapping, product development, expert witness, investment advisory, and strategic consulting engagements.

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Today, our highlighted report is a Preview to "CIO's Guide to Managing Wireless Expenses in 2021" This preview contains an executive summary, samples of analysis, key mobility trends for 2021, the 15 vendors that Amalgam Insights recommends for managing wireless expenses, and sample vendor profiles to demonstrate the depth of this 50+ page report.

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