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  1. Will Starbucks Make A $40 Million Training Mistake? The Psychology and Brain Science of Effective Racial Bias Prevention Training
  2. GraalVM is a Multi-Language Compiler Technology to Watch
  3. #ThoughtLeaderThursday – SMB Group
  4. Amazon Aurora Serverless vs. Oracle Autonomous Database: A Microcosm for The Future of IT
  5. The Brain Science of Effective Corporate Soft Skills Training
  6. Blockchain! What is it Good For?

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AI also showcases and partners with the best and brightest technology thought leaders across media, analyst, consultant, and vendor constituencies.


Cloudera Analyst Conference Makes The Case for Analytic & AI Insights at Scale

On April 9th and 10th, Amalgam Insights attended the fifth Cloudera’s Industry Analyst and Influencer Conference (which I’ll self-servingly refer to as the Analyst Conference since I attended as an industry analyst) in Santa Monica. Cloudera sought to make the case that it was evolving beyond the market offerings that it is currently best known …

The Enterprise Technology Management Association Focuses on Making Tech Affordable

From April 2-4, 2018, the Enterprise Technology Management Association (ETMA, previously known as TEMIA) met in Nashville. This meeting brought together over 40 vendor organizations focused on various aspects of technology management including network, telecom, mobility, software, cloud infrastructure, utilities, and the Internet of Things. ETMA’s members are mainly focused on telecom expense management, managed …

#ThoughtLeaderThursday – SMB Group

As part of Amalgam Insights’ research process, we also keep track of the wide array of analysts, consultants, and thought leaders who are most relevant across our practice areas. Beyond the most well-known firms, such as the likes of Gartner, Forrester, and IDC, there are a wide array of bespoke and custom firms that conduct …