Welcome to Amalgam Insights (AI)! We are a technology research firm focused on helping businesses to choose better technology vendors, strategies, and approaches. We help companies to enhance the financial, programmatic, & cognitive value of technology at scale to build long-term advantages across the following practice areas:

  • Financial Augmentation: Technology Expense Management, Future of Finance and Accounting.
  • Programmatic Augmentation: Machine Learning and Data Science, Data Management, DevOps, Open Source Technologies.
  • Cognitive Augmentation: Learning & Development, Talent Assessment, and Extended (Augmented and Virtual) Reality.

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  1. SmartList Market Guide on Service Mesh and Building Out Microservices Networking
  2. Docker Enterprise 3.0 is the Docker We’ve Been Waiting For
  3. Todd Maddox Reveals How PTC’s Vuforia Expert Capture Speeds Time to Productivity While Reducing Training Costs
  4. Data Science and Machine Learning News Roundup, April 2019
  5. Accounting Tech Market Alert: FloQast Provides AI-Powered Transaction Matching to Accelerate the Financial Close
  6. How Red Hat Runs


We provide guidance to key financial, technical, and cognitive trends through client deliverables including:

  • Market Milestones that highlight key announcements in enterprise technology markets
  • Analyst Insights which provide guidance based on the experience of our veteran analysts, our research data, and key market trends
  • Vendor SmartLists where our analysts recognize top vendors that solve key business challenges
  • Business Value Analysis, which brings financial, technical, and human value into a single framework for enterprise buyers and vendors to better articulate the full value of technology investments.
  • Webinars and presentations designed to provide consultative recommendations to internal or external audiences
  • Retainer programs, providing full access to Amalgam’s analyst team and research efforts at your fingertips to help you with making your most strategic technology decisions.
  • Workshops to guide your technology roadmap and strategy from a functional, financial, or cognitive perspective.

To gain our technical, financial, and cognitive perspectives on technology strategy, guidance, or value mapping, please email us at info@amalgaminsights.com for more information on how to work with Amalgam Insights.


Todd Maddox Reveals How PTC’s Vuforia Expert Capture Speeds Time to Productivity While Reducing Training Costs

The brain science of learning suggests that the most effective workforce training tools engage the worker in a way that directly and naturally maps onto the relevant learning and memory systems in the brain. PTC’s Vuforia Expert Capture uses augmented reality technology to meet these needs by curating subject matter experts’ knowledge and presenting that …

Press Release: Amalgam Insights’ Tom Petrocelli: Service Mesh Market Continues to Grow

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   For more information: ​Steve Friedberg ​MMI Communications for Amalgam Insights ​484.550.2900 ​steve@amalgaminsights.com AMALGAM INSIGHTS: Service mesh market continues to grow, even as “the market is not as mature as the technology” New research report finds while service mesh is “a required part of a system based on microservices,” platform battle causes …

How Red Hat Runs

This past week at Red Hat Summit 2019 (May 7 – 9 2019) has been exhausting. It’s not an overstatement to say that they run analysts ragged at their events, but that’s not why the conference made me tired. It was the sheer energy of the show, the kind of energy that keeps you running …