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  1. Oracle Delivers a FOSS Surprise
  2. EPM at a Crossroads: Big Data Solutions
  3. Why It Matters that IBM Announced Trust and Transparency Capabilities for AI
  4. Data and Analytic Strategies for Developing Ethical IT: a BrightTALK webinar
  5. Why Percipio Excels as a Learning Experience Platform: A Market Milestone
  6. Infor and the 80% Solution: Coleman, Birst, GT Nexus, and CloudSuites

Welcome to Amalgam Insights (AI)! We help CIOs and CFOs to make great investment decisions when they need to purchase, augment, or replace technology investments. We provide guidance in supporting the next generation of expense, accounting, machine learning, DevOps, enterprise collaboration, and learning management tools at scale.

We provide guidance through our:

  • Market Milestones that highlight key announcements in enterprise technology markets
  • Analyst Insights which provide guidance based on the experience of our veteran analysts, our research data, and key market trends
  • Vendor SmartLists where our analysts recognize top vendors that solve key business challenges
  • Business Value Analysis, which brings financial, technical, and human value into a single framework for enterprise buyers and vendors to better articulate the full value of technology investments.
  • Webinars and presentations, where we can speak to internal or external audiences
  • Retainer programs, where you can have Amalgam’s analyst team ready to help you with making your most strategic technology decisions.
  • Workshops, where we work with your technology or product strategy team to help guide your roadmap and future.

If you are looking for technology strategy, guidance, or value mapping, we would love to help. Please email us at info@amalgaminsights.com for more information on how to work with Amalgam Insights.


Allego’s Point-in-Time Video Feedback Trains People Skills in the Sales Brain

If you are in sales, you have likely heard stories similar to this on numerous occasions. “I have been in sales for over a year now, and I just can’t seem to learn out to give an effective sales pitch. My sales manager tells me that my body language is off, and my verbal skills …

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Now Available: Infrastructure as Code: Managing Hybrid, Multi-cloud Infrastructure at Scale

Research Fellow Tom Petrocelli recently recorded an on-demand BrightTALK webinar on Infrastructure as Code (IaC): a key trend for any company seeking to manage infrastructure at scale. Petrocelli has previously covered this topic in additional research including Managing IT Complexity through Infrastructure as Code Infrastructure as Code Provides Advantages for Proactive Compliance and Petrocelli’s comprehensive Market …

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Data Science Platforms News Roundup, September 2018

On a monthly basis, I will be rounding up key news associated with the Data Science Platforms space for Amalgam Insights. Companies covered will include: Alteryx, Anaconda, Cambridge Semantics, Cloudera, Databricks, Dataiku, DataRobot, Datawatch, Domino, Elastic, H2O.ai, IBM, Immuta, Informatica, KNIME, MathWorks, Microsoft, Oracle, Paxata, RapidMiner, SAP, SAS, Tableau, Talend, Teradata, TIBCO, Trifacta, TROVE.