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  1. 5 Stages of The Technology Expense Management Market (re: Calero Acquires Veropath)
  2. Alter(yx)ing Everything at Inspire 2018
  3. The Map to Multi-Million Dollar Machine Learning
  4. GraalVM is a Multi-Language Compiler Technology to Watch
  5. Optimizing Leadership Training and Development by Leveraging Learning Science: A Brief Primer
  6. Anaplan States Planning Is Dead, Focuses on the Era of Real-Time Decision

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What Wall Street is missing regarding Broadcom’s acquisition of CA Technologies: Cloud, Mainframes, & IoT

(Note: This blog contains significant contributions from long-time software executive and Research Fellow Tom Petrocelli) On July 11, Broadcom ($AVGO) announced an agreement to purchase CA for $18.9 billion. If this acquisition goes through, this will be the third largest software acquisition of all time behind only Microsoft’s $26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn and Facebook’s …

“Walking a Mile in My Shoes” With Skillsoft’s Leadership Development Program: A Market Milestone

In a recently published Market Milestone, Todd Maddox, Ph.D., Learning Scientist and Research Fellow for Amalgam Insights, evaluated Skillsoft’s Leadership Development Program (SLDP) from a learning science perspective. This involves evaluating the content, and the learning design and delivery. Amalgam’s overall evaluation is that SLDP content is highly effective. The content is engaging and well-constructed …

Amalgam Provides 4 Big Recommendations for Self-Service BI Success

  Recently, my colleague Todd Maddox, Ph.D., the most-cited analyst in the corporate training world, and I were looking at the revolution of self-service BI, which has allowed business analysts and scientists to quickly explore and analyze their own data easily. At this point, any BI solution lacking a self-service option should not be considered a …