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  1. Workday Surprises the IPO Market and Acquires Adaptive Insights
  2. 5 Predictions That Will Transform Corporate Training in 2018
  3. Why Corporate Learning Solutions Ignore Brain Science and Create Corporate Adoption Gaps
  4. Amazon Aurora Serverless vs. Oracle Autonomous Database: A Microcosm for The Future of IT
  5. The Brain Science of Effective Corporate Soft Skills Training
  6. GraalVM is a Multi-Language Compiler Technology to Watch

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Domino Debuts Data Science Framework

On May 22, Domino held its first Analyst Seminar in advance of its Rev conference for data science leaders. Domino provides an open data science platform to coordinate data science initiatives across enterprises, integrating data scientists, IT, and line of business. At the Analyst Seminar, Domino introduced its Model Management framework: five pillars supporting a …

Optimizing Leadership Training and Development by Leveraging Learning Science: A Brief Primer

Key Stakeholders: Chief Learning Officers, Chief Human Resource Officers, Learning and Development Directors and Managers, Corporate Trainers, Content and Learning Product Managers, Chief Executive Officer, C-suite, Managers Top Takeaways: If you want high-quality leadership at all levels of your organization then you need to provide employees with effective broad-based leadership training and development solutions. Optimized …

Alter(yx)ing Everything at Inspire 2018

Alter(yx)ing Everything at Inspire 2018 In early June, Amalgam Insights attended Alteryx Inspire ‘18, where Alteryx Chairman and CEO Dean Stoecker led an energetic keynote to inspire their users to “Alter(yx) Everything.” Based on conversations I had with Alteryx executives, partners, and end-users, I came away with the strong impression that Alteryx wants to make …