Welcome to Amalgam Insights (AI)! We are a technology research firm focused on promoting a better future for technology to improve business outcomes

We take a blended approach to our analysis and research that includes 4 key aspects of improving technology outcomes: better use of money, better use of data, better use of code, and better use of the brain. With this combination, we create strategic roadmaps and select vendors that maximize the financial, programmatic, & cognitive value of technology at scale across the following practice areas:

  • Financial Augmentation: Technology Expense Management, Telco FinOps & Cloud FinOps, Future of Finance and Accounting.
  • Data and Analytic Augmentation: Machine Learning and Data Science, Data Management, Analytics
  • Programmatic Augmentation: DevOps, Service Mesh and Containers, Open Source Technologies.
  • Cognitive Augmentation: Artificial Intelligence and Extended (Augmented and Virtual) Reality.

Check out our top 6 posts this week!

  1. Nine Big Trends for Technology Expense Management in 2020
  2. TEM Market Leaders Calero and MDSL Merge as Global IT Spend Management Consolidation Continues
  3. Looking at Microservices, Containers, and Kubernetes with 2020 Vision
  4. Now Available, The 2020 Guide to Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

How We Help

We provide guidance to key financial, technical, and cognitive trends through client deliverables including:

  • Market Milestones that highlight key acquisitions, product announcements, and market-changing events in enterprise technology markets
  • Analyst Insights which provide guidance based on the experience of our veteran analysts, our research data, and key market trends
  • Vendor SmartLists where our analysts recognize top vendors that solve key business challenges
  • Business Value Analysis, which brings financial, technical, and human value into a single framework for enterprise buyers and vendors to better articulate the full value of technology investments.
  • Webinars and presentations designed to provide consultative recommendations to internal or external audiences
  • Advisory Retainer Programs, providing full access to Amalgam’s analyst team and research efforts at your fingertips to help you with making your most strategic technology decisions.
  • Strategy Workshops to guide your organization’s technology roadmap and strategy from a functional, financial, or cognitive perspective.

To gain our technical, financial, and cognitive perspectives on technology strategy, guidance, or value mapping, please email us at info@amalgaminsights.com for more information on how to work with Amalgam Insights.


RIP to Business Legends Leila Janah and Clayton Christensen

On January 23, 2020, the business world lost two of its biggest stars: Leila Janah and Clayton Christensen. Both of them were personal inspirations to me both in their ability to execute on big ideas and to make a real difference in the world by living up to the cliche of “doing well by doing …

5 MegaThemes for the 2020s That Will Transform IT

As we get ready for 2020, Amalgam Insights is here to prepare companies for the future.  In the past few weeks, we’ve been posting insights on what to look for in 2020 with posts including: Nine Big Trends for Technology Expense Management in 2020 AI on AI – 8 AI Predictions for the Data Savvy …

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Looking at Microservices, Containers, and Kubernetes with 2020 Vision

Some years are easy to predict than others. Stability in a market makes tracing the trend line much easier. 2020 looks to be that kind of year for the migration to microservices: stable with steady progression toward mainstream acceptance. There is little doubt that IT organizations are moving toward microservices architectures. Microservices, which deconstruct applications …