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  1. Monitoring Containers: What’s Inside YOUR Cluster?
  2. Blockchain! What is it Good For?
  3. Amazon Aurora Serverless vs. Oracle Autonomous Database: A Microcosm for The Future of IT
  4. Skillsoft Perspectives 2018 – A Vision For The Future of Corporate Learning
  5. W. Todd Maddox Speaks On Virtual Reality and Sexual Harassment Training in Forbes
  6. The Definitive Guide to the Asentinel-Tangoe Merger: Marlin Equity Partners Agrees to Acquire Tangoe

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Monitoring Containers: What’s Inside YOUR Cluster?

It’s not news that there is a lot of buzz around containers. As companies begin to widely deploy microservices architectures, containers are the obvious choice with which to implement them. As companies deploy container clusters into production, however, an issue has to be dealt with immediately: container architectures have a lot of moving parts. The …

Outsourcing Core IT When You Are Core IT

Today, I provided a quick presentation on the BrightTALK channel on Outsourcing Core IT when you ARE Core IT. It turns out that one of the takeways from this webinar is about your risk of being outsourced based on your IT model. First, your fear and approach to outsourcing really depend on whether you are …

EPM at a Crossroads Part 1: Why Is EPM So Confusing?

This blog is the first of a multi-blog series explaining the challenges of Enterprise Performance Management aka Financial Performance Management, Business Performance Management, Corporate Performance Management, Financial Planning and Analysis, and Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting. Frankly, this list of names alone really helps explain a lot of the confusion. But one of the strangest aspects …