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  1. Leveraging Psychology and Brain Science to Optimize Retention and Behavior Change
  2. The Brain Science of Effective Corporate Soft Skills Training
  3. 2019 Top 6 Trends in Learning & Development and Talent Management
  4. Amazon Aurora Serverless vs. Oracle Autonomous Database: A Microcosm for The Future of IT
  5. EPM at a Crossroads: Big Data Solutions
  6. Data Science and Machine Learning News Roundup, January 2019

    Welcome to Amalgam Insights (AI)! We believe that successful organizations are perpetually reimagining the path forward to multiply the value of technology. To support this goal, we help our vendor and end-user clients to make inspired investment decisions in selecting the next generation of expense, accounting, machine learning, DevOps, and learning management tools at scale. 

We provide guidance through our:

  • Market Milestones that highlight key announcements in enterprise technology markets
  • Analyst Insights which provide guidance based on the experience of our veteran analysts, our research data, and key market trends
  • Vendor SmartLists where our analysts recognize top vendors that solve key business challenges
  • Business Value Analysis, which brings financial, technical, and human value into a single framework for enterprise buyers and vendors to better articulate the full value of technology investments.
  • Webinars and presentations, where we can speak to internal or external audiences
  • Retainer programs, where you can have Amalgam’s analyst team ready to help you with making your most strategic technology decisions.
  • Workshops, where we work with your technology or product strategy team to help guide your roadmap and future.

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Tom Petrocelli Clarifies How Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes Provide Different Paths to Microservices

DevOps Research Fellow Tom Petrocelli has just published a new report describing the roles that Cloud Foundry Application Runtime and Kubernetes play in supporting microservices. This report explores when each solution is appropriate and provides a set of vendors that provide resources and solutions to support the development of these open source projects. Organizations and Vendors …

Todd Maddox Publishes Brain Science Analysis of Augmented Reality for Product Lifecycle Management

Today, Todd Maddox published the report “Why Augmented Reality is Effective in Product Lifecycle Management: A Brain Science Analysis.” This report provides best practices for implementing augmented reality across product development, supply chain management, equipment operation, troubleshooting, and field service. Recommendations are based on Maddox’ research, which has been cited over 10,000 by his academic …

Four Key Announcements from H2O World San Francisco

Last week at H2O World San Francisco, H2O.ai announced a number of improvements to Driverless AI, H2O, Sparkling Water, and AutoML, as well as several new partnerships for Driverless AI. The improvements provide incremental improvements across the platform, while the partnerships reflect H2O.ai expanding their audience and capabilities. This piece is intended to provide guidance …