Amalgam Insights tracks three major technology areas to help enterprises save money & to help vendors build better solutions:

  1. Governing and Rightsizing IT Costs
  2. Opening Up Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning to the Masses
  3.  Augmenting & Automating the Office of the CFO

For IT Departments

The IT Rule of 30 states that any unmanaged IT category averages 30% in wasted spend. Coverage includes Technology Expense Management, Cloud FinOps, SaaS management, Managed Mobility Services & IT as a Service offerings.


For Data, Analytics, & ML Pros

We track the leading data and analytics solutions focused on making data easier to access, analyze, and translate into decisions. Coverage includes Data Science Platforms, Decision Intelligence, Machine Learning Governance and Ethics, & Integration Platforms as a Service


Tech for Finance and Accounting

A new generation of technologies is emerging to automate and augment finance & accounting efforts. Coverage includes Business Planning Management, consolidation and close management, expense management, sourcing, payments, & payroll technologies.

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We support our IT markets by providing guidance, advisory services, and educational content to the tech community.

Amalgam Insights analyzes technologies through a combination of financial modeling, technology evaluation, & case studies that demonstrate how each vendor provides differentiated value to its customers. We then share our results & findings to help you decide what you need to use.



Our work — reports, webinars, and videos

We work with innovative vendors that are not satisfied with providing status quo solutions. Here is a sample of some of our recent frameworks, advice, and guidance we have provided from past research.

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We work with solution providers, corporations, private investors, and legal firms on presenting the value of technology. How can we help you?

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