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This Week in Enterprise Tech, Week 2

In Week 2 of TWIET, Charles Araujo and Amalgam Insights’ Hyoun Park take on the following topics and why they matter to the CIO Office.

This Week in Enterprise Tech, Week 2

First, we discuss the emergence of the AI app layer and what this means for enterprise IT organizations. It is not enough to simply think of AI in terms of what models are being used, but also the augmentation, tuning, app interface, maintenance, and governance of AI in the enterprise.

Second, we dig into KKR’s $3.8 billion acquisition of VMware’s End User Computing business and what this means both for the EUC business and for VMware customers as a whole as the market leader in virtualization is now owned by one of the best money makers in the tech industry, Hock Tan of Broadcom.

Third, we explore NVIDIA’s quarterly earnings by going beyond the obvious growth of data center sales of GPUs. What do the rest of NVIDIA’s sales say about the current state of Cloud FinOps and compute investments in areas such as gaming and smart autos?

And finally, we consider the nature of trust on the internet based on a recent Wired report that explores the use of robots.txt. You probably best know this file as a tool to keep Google from caching your site. But what does it mean as more and more spiders seek to automate the caching of all your web-accessible intellectual property?