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The Learning Science of Situational Awareness and Patient Safety

An Interactive Webinar with Qstream CEO, Rich Lanchantin

On Wednesday, July 17, 2018, Amalgam’s Learning Scientist and Research Fellow, Todd Maddox, Ph.D. and Qstream’s CEO, Rich Lanchantin conducted a live, interactive webinar focused on the critically important topic of situational awareness and patient safety. Achieving the highest quality in patient care requires a careful balance between efficiency and situational awareness in order to prevent medical errors. Healthcare professionals must be able to observe the current environment while also keeping the various potential outcomes top of mind in order to avoid unnecessary complications.

In the webinar, we discussed the learning science—the marriage of psychology and brain science—of situational awareness and patient safety and showed how to most effectively help clinicians learn and retain information, which results in long-term behavior change. We focused specifically on the challenges faced in optimally training the “what”, “feel” and “how” learning systems in the brain that mediate situational awareness, and how the Qstream platform effectively recruits each of these learning systems.

A replay of the webinar is available for all interested parties at the following link. Simply click the “Webcasts & Slideshare” button and the webcast is there. You will also see a second webcast that I recorded with Rich Lanchantin focused on “The Psychology of Hard vs. Soft Skills Training”. Enjoy!

If you would be interested in retaining Todd Maddox, the most-cited researcher in corporate learning, for a webinar, speaking engagement, or workshop, please contact us at

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