Growing Your Data Science Team: Diversifying Beyond Unicorns

If your organization already has a data scientist, but your data science workload has grown beyond their capacity, you’re probably thinking about hiring another data scientist. Perhaps even a team of them. But cloning your existing data scientist isn’t the best way to grow your organization’s capacity for doing data science.

Why not simply hire more data scientists? First, so many of the tasks listed above are actually well outside the core competency of data scientists’ statistical work, and other roles (some of whom likely already exist in your organization) can perform these tasks much more efficiently. Second, data scientists who can perform all of these tasks well are a rare find; hoping to find their clones in sufficient numbers on the open market is a losing proposition. Third, though your organization’s data science practice continues to expand, the amount of time your original domain expert is able to spend with the data scientist on a growing pool of data science projects does not; it’s time to start delegating some tasks to operational specialists.

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