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March 18: From BI to AI (Alteryx, Databricks, DataRobot, Dataiku, Domino Data Lab,, Microsoft Azure, Redis, Salesforce, Snowflake, Synthetaic, Tecton)

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Featured: Healthcare Data Announcements During HIMSS22

In the wake of Databricks rolling out its healthcare-specific data lakehouse last week, along with the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society conference (HIMSS22) happening this week, several other enterprises made healthcare data-related announcements in the last few days. Reveals Portfolio of Healthcare AI Apps

On March 11, announced an expansion of its healthcare data capabilities, offering 40 AI applications within Population Health, Precision Medicine, Public Health, and Intelligent Supply Chain. Notable apps include a COVID-19 hospital occupancy simulator, COVID-19 forecasting, a gene mutation risk assessment app, and a route optimizer app for supply chain support for health manufacturers.

Microsoft Announces General Availability of Azure Health Data Services, Updates to Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

On March 15, Microsoft announced the general availability of Azure Health Data Services, along with improvements for Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. Key features of Azure Health Data Services include the ability to securely transfer protected health information (PHI) in the cloud, along with connecting it to other apps within the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. Notable relevant updates to Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare include Text Analytics for Health to improve clinical and operational insights by extracting insights from unstructured medical data and transforming it into Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) format.

Salesforce Announces Improvements to Customer 360 For Health
On March 16, Salesforce announced new capabilities within Salesforce’s Customer 360 for Health. Of note on the data side, Salesforce debuted Patient Unified Health Scoring to provide insights into best courses of action for a given patient, integrated with the Patient Data Platform, allowing medical data to be appropriately connected while respecting HIPAA and other regulations and governance.

Snowflake Launches Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud

On March 17, Snowflake launched its Healthcare and Life Sciences Data Cloud, aiming to eliminate data silos and allow for appropriate sharing and use of sensitive medical data while respecting regulations and governance. Key features include enhanced data governance, the ability to ingest and run analytics on HL7/FHIR messages, and support for analyzing numerous types of unstructured medical data.


Synthetaic Secures $13M Series A Financing

Synthetaic, an AI-based image classifier, has raised $13M in Series A funding. Lupa Systems led the round, with additional participation from Betaworks, Booz Allen Hamilton, Esri, and TitleTown Tech. The funding will be used for hiring, R+D, and strategic partnerships.

Product Launches and Updates

DataRobot AI Cloud 8.0 Now Available

On March 17, DataRobot debuted AI Cloud 8.0. Key enhancements include support for Automated Time Series in DataRobot’s AI App Builder, the availability of Continuous AI in on-prem environments, and new integrations with Microsoft Active Directory and Scoring Code for Snowflake. AI Cloud 8.0 is available now.

Dataiku Debuts Cloud Stack Accelerator on AWS

On March 16, Dataiku revealed their no-code cloud stack accelerator on AWS. The accelerator is a way to rapidly deploy and manage Dataiku on AWS, bringing together Amazon and Dataiku resources for machine learning projects. Notable capabilities in the partnership include the ability to connect, transform, and analyze datasets hosted on Amazon Redshift within Dataiku; build and scale Dataiku AutoML machine learning models running on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service; and include computer vision and text analytics within Dataiku projects using AWS’ machine learning services.


Alteryx Updates Partner Program

Alteryx announced its updated partner program, marking a shift in its go-to-market strategy to emphasize the acceleration partners can provide in implementing analytics projects. Notable changes include three new tiers for partners (Registered, Select, and Premier), standardized benefits that increase with partner-initiated projects, a new role-based training curriculum and certifications, and global guidelines for engagement.

Databricks Introduces Brickbuilder Solutions, Extending Its Partner Program

Databricks established Brickbuilder Solutions, an extension of its partner program. Brickbuilder Solutions includes a number of consultants who have built solutions on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, helping their clients accelerate their data-driven digital transformation projects.

Tecton and Redis Integrate for Realtime Feature Store Access

Tecton, an enterprise feature store, and Redis, a realtime data platform, announced a partnership late last week. Tecton has integrated its feature store with Redis Enterprise Cloud to provide customers realtime feature serving for high-volume, low-latency use cases such as approving credit card transactions or fraud detection.


Domino Data Lab Welcomes Former Microsoft Chief Data Analytics Officer John Kahan as Advisor

Domino Data Lab has welcomed John Kahan as a strategic advisor to their CEO and Board of Directors. Kahan will provide guidance on go-to-market and product development. Most recently, Kahan was the Chief Data Analytics Officer at Microsoft, where he held numerous roles in the data space over nearly the past two decades. Kahan also serves on several other companies’ boards and as an advisor to predictive analytics company Equinauts, petroleum and renewable energy company US Venture, and the Novartis Foundation to advise on AI in public health, intersecting with markets of interest to Domino.