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Welcoming This Week in Enterprise Tech

Today, we are kicking off a new podcast with our Chief Analyst Hyoun Park and The DX Report’s Charles Araujo. Together, we are looking at the biggest events in enterprise technology and discussing how they affect the CIO’s office. We’re planning to bring our decades of experience as market observers, hands-on technical skills, and strategic advisors not only to show what the big stories were, but also the big lessons that IT and other technical executives need to take from these stories.

If you want to learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes that CIOs will make across strategy, succession planning, innovation, budgeting, and integrating AI into existing technology environments, subscribe to our new video and podcast efforts! Check out Week 1 right here.

This week, we discuss in this episode the philosophy of fast-rising Zoho, an enterprise application company that has grown over 10x over the past decade to become a leading CRM and analytic software provider on a global basis based on our recent visit to Zoho’s Analyst Event in McAllen, Texas. Find out how “transnational localism” has supported Zoho’s global rocket-ship growth and what it means for managing your own international team.

We then TWIET about the Apple Vision Pro and how Apple, Meta, Microsoft, and Google have been pushing the boundaries of extended reality over the past decade as well as what this means for enterprise IT organizations based on Apple’s track record.

And finally we confront the complexities of Cloud FinOps and managing cloud costs at a time when layoffs are common in the tech world and IT economics and financial management are becoming increasingly complex.