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GSG Rebrands as Sakon and Launches the Sakon Platform

Note: This blog contains excerpts from Amalgam’s Market Milestone document. For the full story, including additional context and recommendations for Global 2000 organizations, purchase the full report.

Key Stakeholders: CIO, CFO, IT Finance, Telecom Managers, Network Managers, Mobility Managers, Software Asset Managers.

Key Announcement

On January 17th, Sakon, formerly known as GSG, announced the launch of the Sakon platform, a Software as a Service suite of six applications to support the following areas: Mobility and Internet of Things Service Management, Network Services, Cloud Applications Management, Expense Management, Sourcing & Transformation Management, and Insights and Intelligence. This platform will be available as an annual subscription to support telecom, network, IoT, and SaaS management needs for enterprise IT organizations.

Amalgam Context for Understanding Sakon

Over the past 15 years, Sakon has grown in size and scope to over 400 employees and over 5 billion dollars under management, making it one of the top 5 largest telecom expense management companies in the world by Amalgam’s estimates. With this growth, Sakon has experienced the increased need to both provide its own direct-to-client proprietary solution and to pursue branding that allows its target audience of Global 2000 companies to gain awareness of Sakon’s capabilities.

Sakon is a branded platform that shows the company’s capabilities to support telecom, network, mobility, the Internet of Things, and Software-as-a-Service portfolios under a single view and a shared technical infrastructure. Sakon also reflects the company’s continuing efforts to shift from indirect sales to direct sales.


Although enterprises should always make nuanced technology investments based on specific enterprise needs, Amalgam recommends that Global 2000 firms consider Sakon as a telecom and IT management solution based on the company’s experience, scale, and the development of the Sakon platform.

Amalgam’s Take: Sakon is an important SaaS platform in the technology vendor management space, both in its breadth of network, telecom, mobility, IoT, and SaaS management capabilities and in providing a signature platform for the direct go-to-market efforts of a Top 5 Global TEM solution.

For additional details, read the full report available at the Amalgam Insights store.

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