DBAs, Update Your Resumes! Oracle Announces the Availability of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud

On March 27th, Oracle announced availability of the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, a service that will spin up a data warehouse and provide automated security, high availability, performance tuning, scaling, patching, and administration at a cost guaranteeed to be half of equivalent Amazon Web Services resources through May 2019. Built on Oracle Database 18c, this new service is both a godsend and a warning call for IT.

As Amalgam said last December, Oracle’s push towards what they are calling the “Autonomous Database” and “Autonomous Cloud” is an important step forward in envisioning an new generation of IT where the operational tasks of rules-based administration, monitoring, and iterative performance tuning are handled without direct human intervention. This will allow IT departments to drive more infrastructure into the cloud and reduce the overall Total Cost of Ownership. This is a fundamental change and differs radically from cloud providers such as Amazon and Microsoft that are providing granular services, but are not replacing the management of those services.

Here’s what you should expect

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