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Now Available: Infrastructure as Code: Managing Hybrid, Multi-cloud Infrastructure at Scale

Research Fellow Tom Petrocelli recently recorded an on-demand BrightTALK webinar on Infrastructure as Code (IaC): a key trend for any company seeking to manage infrastructure at scale.

Petrocelli has previously covered this topic in additional research including

This webinar is a short introduction designed for IT professionals who are exploring Infrastructure as Code especially focusing on SysOps, managers (from mid-level to C-Suite), and system architects. As modern IT systems become more diverse and complex, managing them, especially at scale can become very difficult. Infrastructure as Code presents a new way of thinking about infrastructure management that alleviates many of these challenges.

This webinar discusses:

  • From Simplicity to Complexity: The evolution of IT systems that have led to increased diversity and complexity
  • Wrestling the Beast: The challenges of managing complex systems
  • Writing Infrastructure: An introduction to Infrastructure as Code and the ways it alleviates some of the problems of managing diverse, hyperscale, multi-cloud systems.
  • To Infinity and Beyond: The future of Infrastructure as Code and operations automation

Watch the embedded webinar below

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