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The Scientific Case for Augmenting Learning Management Systems with Percipio Experience Services

Leveraging Brain Science to Build a Modern Learning Ecosystem

Key Stakeholders: Chief Learning Officers, Chief Human Resource Officers, Learning and Development Directors and Managers, Corporate Trainers, Content and Learning Product Managers.

Why It Matters: Many companies today aim to deliver a more modern learning experience to their employees, but they’ve already invested heavily in a Learning Management System (LMS) or other tools that may lack some of the learner engagement and content curation features that can be found in emerging Learning Experience Platforms. They need a hybrid solution that provides services associated with a modern Learning Experience Platform that can be integrated with their existing LMS.

Top Takeaway: Skillsoft’s Percipio Experience Services (PES) provides this modern hybrid learning experience that allows organizations to choose which Percipio content, elements and features meet their business needs and integrates these into their existing learning ecosystems. This includes learning management systems (LMS), Learning Experience Platforms (LEP), enterprise portals, HRIS, social platforms and collaboration tools. Organizations and employees get all of the advantages of a modern Learning Experience Platform, such as Percipio without having to abandon their existing LMS or learning ecosystem investments.

An “All-Too-Common” Problem

Consider this common problem faced by Company X and others around the world.

Several years back, Company X purchased a state-of-the-art Learning Management System. The LMS was desirable because an administrative team could manage the system and control the learning environment. Administrators curated content into courses, determined who should and should not be required to complete each course, tracked compliance, and were limited only by the speed of instructional design. The LMS was “the place to go for learning” and was separate from the traditional flow of work.

Company X’s LMS was cutting-edge at the time, but that edge has dulled as business has changed.

The modern learner is dissatisfied with the LMS and they are voicing their dissatisfaction. Learning and development administrators at Company X are also increasingly dissatisfied with the LMS. Simply put, employees and administrators want a modern Learning Experience Platform.

To read the rest of this document, with recommendations for the modern learning experience, please download the full report.


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