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Free Technology Expense Solutions in the Time of Corona

Solutions Mentioned: BMC, CloudCheckr, CloudHealth by VMware, MobiChord, Tangoe, Upland Cimpl, vCom, vMOX (Note: solutions will be added to this blog as a resource to the IT community as Amalgam Insights is notified)

Edited April 29 to add G2 Track, Tangoe, vCom; Edited June 4 to add Upland Cimpl

Throughout the last month, practically every company has been going through an uncomfortable transformation where telecom, network, mobility, cloud, software, and other IT assets and services were purchased, changed, redistributed, disconnected, upgraded, downgraded, and altered. It was a time of awkward challenge as the only goal was to be able to work from home.

Now, we face a new challenge. Now that employees are starting to figure out how to work from home, those of us working in the back offices of IT, operations, finance, accounting, and procurement have to clean up the mess. This isn’t just an academic exercise or a destressing exercise like quarantine cleaning. In medium and large enterprises, there is now a lot of waste, duplication, and misplacement of resources that can provide near-immediate savings and the opportunity to rightsize upcoming contract renewals. There are potentially millions of dollars at stake from the estimated 10-15% bloat that has occurred in conferencing, Software-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, and enterprise mobility spend areas due to a combination of overprovisioning, over featured accounts, and usage overages.

Although there are a wide variety of spend management solutions in the IT world, a few vendors are providing free offerings to help out the business world, especially with mobility and cloud spend. If you are trying to gain control of a newly unruly IT environment, but don’t have access to corporate spending processes at this time, take a look at the following enterprise-grade solutions with free trials or audits.

IT Spend Solutions

Tangoe, an IT expense market leader with network, enterprise mobility, and cloud IaaS expense offerings, is providing a free audit, optimization and benchmark on a regional or carrier basis for enterprises seeking to cut costs. Savings found through these audits will be available for companies at no cost. To sign up for this service, corporate IT and finance departments should email

Upland Cimpl, a technology expense management solution in Upland’s work management portfolio and a sponsor of TEM Expo, is offering a free telecom audit for wireline and wireless services to identify potential savings for their telecom and IT budget. The free audit offer is designed to show how the current climate has affected telecom costs while showcasing quick potential telecom budget wins. This audit offer pertains to both wireline and wireless services.

vCom, a technology expense management provider with mid-market expertise, is currently offering all new customers a four month grace period with no software or managed services costs with the goal of improving the Return on Investment and immediate cash flow for new customers. This program is extended to 12 months for Healthcare and Nonprofit organizations.

Free Enterprise Mobility Spend Solutions

MobiChord, a technology expense management built on the ServiceNow platform and a sponsor of TEM Expo, is offering a free, 90-day service to help companies manage their mobility assets.  

vMOX, which holds two patents for mobile usage optimization, is providing a free mobile expense management solution for corporate accounts using Verizon or AT&T.

Free Cloud IaaS Management

BMC provides a 30 day trial of BMC Helix Cloud Cost to manage multi-cloud expense challenges. This trial is one of 18 applications where BMC provides free trials for IT management.

CloudCheckr is providing a 14-day free trial of its new CloudCheckr CMx platform, which was just launched on April 15 and improves on CloudCheckr’s ability to manage complex multi-cloud environments. – 

CloudHealth by VMware, a leading cloud management platform that Amalgam Insights has covered in previous research, provides a free trial for companies contacting their sales team.

Free Cloud SaaS Management

G2 Track provides a 90-day free trial of its SaaS subscription management for companies seeking to reduce costs.

Good luck to all of you who are doing your best to be responsible technology stewards for your organizations. If you’d like to learn more about reducing enterprise IT costs, Amalgam Insights is both conducting a 10 webinar series on Technology Expense Management challenges starting on April 21 and holding our inaugural TEM Expo on June 11, which will be a free event for all qualified end-users.

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