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July 29: From BI to AI (Datafold, Domino Data Lab,, FeatureByte, Fiddler, Hightouch, Informatica, Microsoft)

Funding and Finance

FeatureByte Emerges from Stealth with $5.7M Seed Round

Feature engineering and management platform FeatureByte launched this week, announcing a $5.7M seed round led by Glasswing Ventures and Tola Capital. The funding will go towards scaling up R+D and go-to-market operations. The FeatureByte founders came from DataRobot, where CEO Razi Raziuddin was the SVP of AI Services and Chief Product Officer Xavier Conort was the Chief Data Scientist. FeatureByte looks to simplify the creation and management of AI model features.

Informatica Reports Q2 2022 Financial Results

On July 27, Informatica announced its Q2 2022 financial results. Revenues of $372M beat expectations by $7.8M; earnings were above expectations at $0.16 per share. INFA is up since the earnings announcement.

Microsoft Announces Q4 2022 Financial Results
On July 26, Microsoft announced its Q4 2022 financial results. Revenues ($51.87B) and earnings ($2.23/share) were both slightly lower than expected. MSFT dipped a bit in the market, but ended the week up.

Updates and Launches Adds New Features to its Natural Language Platform

Natural language platform made improvements to its natural language platform. Key new features include improved data labeling with active learning capabilities, automatic generation of extraction rules enabling users to generate rule-based models, and pre-trained knowledge models in specific domains.

Fiddler Updates Machine Learning Model Management

Fiddler, a model performance management platform, revealed new capabilities this week. Fiddler customers will now be able to use vector monitoring to better observe models in production involving unstructured data, such as ones based on natural language processing and computer vision. Fiddler will also surface more low-frequency events that can contribute to subtle model drift while concealing issues such as fraudulent transactions. Finally, Fiddler has also unveiled a “single pane of glass” user interface, allowing data science and MLOps teams to view and manage models from a centralized dashboard.


Datafold and Hightouch Debut Integration
Data reliability company Datafold and data activation platform Hightouch announced an integration to alert data engineers whenever a dbt data model change will impact data involved in a Hightouch sync. Hightouch automates data integration from data warehouses to business systems such as CRMs, ERPs, and custom applications; data model changes upstream or downstream can break data syncs. Datafold’s Data Diff combines with Hightouch to alert data engineers to potential issues before they become issues in production.

Domino Data Lab and Alexander Thamm Partner to Scale Data Science in Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Domino Data Lab announced a partnership with consultancy Alexander Thamm to help customers in the German-speaking DACH region accelerate their data science implementation timelines. The Data Science Journey Accelerator will pair Domino’s Enterprise MLOps platform with Alexander Thamm’s consulting services for data science and data engineering. Offerings will include assessments in data strategy, the data science lifecycle, and business value, as well as creating proofs of concept.