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July 22: From BI to AI (Askdata, Cloudera, DataRobot, Datatron, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, Pecan AI, SAP, Talend)


Debanjan Saha Steps Into DataRobot Interim CEO Role

DataRobot President and COO Debanjan Saha has been appointed interim CEO in the wake of Dan Wright stepping down from the CEO position. Saha joined DataRobot in February 2022. Prior to DataRobot, Saja was the VP and GM of Data Analytics at Google, as well asthe VP and GM for Amazon Aurora and RDS. Saha also spent a decade at IBM, primarily in storage and analytics.

Wright will continue with DataRobot in an advisory role during the executive search for a permanent CEO.

Launches and Updates

Datatron Releases Version 3.0

MLOps platform Datatron released version 3.0 this week. Key new features include integration with JupyterHub, allowing data scientists to operationalize models directly from their notebook-interface coding environment; simpler deployment and management facilities ffor all three major cloud platforms without needing to learn or manage Kubernetes; and an updated logging and operations dashboard, along with single sign-on support.

Oracle and Microsoft Present Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure

On July 20, Oracle and Microsoft announced Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure. Azure customers will be able to provision, access, and monitor Oracle Database services in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, connecting OD services running on OCI with apps in Azure that use data from those services. Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure is generally available now.

Pecan AI Debuts One-Click Data Science Model Deployment

Low-code automated predictive analytics company Pecan AI added one-click machine learning model deployment to its platform this week. Pecan also added model monitoring targeted towards low-code users, alerting them when models show signs of degradation. These two additions join existing features on the Pecan platform to automate all aspects of model creation and deployment.


Talend Enhances Cloudera Data Platform Support

Data integration platform Talend added new certifications for Cloudera Data Platform on the Public Cloud, and CDP data services including Data Engineering and Data Hub. Talend also revealed new native integrations with CDP Engineering, allowing data teams to autoscale Spark jobs without needing to manually configure and scale clusters.


SAP Acquires Search Analytics Startup Askdata

SAP has acquired Italian search-driven analytics startup Askdata for an undisclosed sum. Askdata uses machine learning and natural language processing models to make it easier for less-technical users to interrogate data in place. Askdata will become part of a future analytics solution for SAP Analytics Cloud.