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Now Available: The CIO’s Guide for Managing Wireless Expenses in 2021

Amalgam Insights has just published the definitive guide to managing the financial aspects of enterprise mobility in our new report “CIO’s Guide for Managing Wireless Expenses for 2021.” This report, co-authored by Chief Analyst Hyoun Park and Senior Research Analyst Kelly Teal focuses on

  • managing mobility in the New Normal of the hybrid workplace
  • identifying what is differentiated and what is not in the wireless expense world
  • why your mobility costs have risen faster than expected, especially if you took the advice of certain research firms that misread COVID
  • and the 15 vendors that Amalgam Insights recommends that mid-sized and large businesses consider based on their cost management and mobility management needs.

This report is available at

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Tidelift Launches Catalogs to Support Open Source Maintenance

“On February 2, 2021, Tidelift announced several updates to its Tidelift Subscription designed to help companies manage open source in their IT and software environments. Amalgam Insights has covered Tidelift in the past as an emerging vendor dedicated to solving the thorny problem of supporting open-source maintenance and paying maintainers across the breadth of open source projects that are used in the business world.

Amalgam Insights finds today’s announcement by Tidelift to be interesting in supporting open-source portfolios for a few reasons.”

To learn more about this announcement and our recommendations for the Open Source community, read the full report: Tidelift Catalogs Clean Up the Enterprise Open Source Portfolio