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Why Did TIBCO Acquire Alpine Data?

On November 15, 2017, TIBCO announced the acquisition of Alpine Data, a data science platform long known for its goals of democratizing data science and simplifying access to data, analytic workflows, parallel compute, and tools.

With this acquisition, TIBCO makes its second major foray into the machine learning space after June 5th acquisition of Statistica. In doing so, TIBCO has significantly upgraded its machine learning support capabilities, which will be especially useful to TIBCO in continuing to position itself as a full-range data and analytics solution.

When this acquisition occurred, Amalgam received questions on how Alpine Data and Statistica would be expected to work together and how Alpine Data would fit into TIBCO’s existing machine learning and analytics portfolio. Amalgam has provided favorable recommendations for both Alpine Data and Statistica in 2017 and plans to continue providing a positive recommendation for both solutions, but sought to explore the nuances of these recommendations.

In our Market Milestone, we explore why Alpine Data was a lower-ranked machine learning solution in analyst landscapes despite being early-to-market in providing strong collaborative capabilities and supporting a wide variety of data sources. We also wanted to explore the extent to which Alpine Data provided some sort of conflict to existing TIBCO customers. Finally, we also wanted to provide guidance on how TIBCO’s acquisition would potentially change Alpine Data’s positioning and capabilities.

To read Amalgam Insights’ view and recommendations regarding this report, use the following link to acquire this report.

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