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Introducing #ThoughtLeaderThursday – Mint Jutras

ThoughtLeaderThursday - MintJutras
ThoughtLeaderThursday – MintJutras

As part of Amalgam Insights’ research process, we also keep track of the wide array of analysts, consultants, and thought leaders who are most relevant across our practice areas. Beyond the most well-known firms, such as the likes of Gartner, Forrester, and IDC, there are a wide array of bespoke and custom firms that conduct world-class work. To help provide context on how Amalgam Insights looks at our peers, partners, and competitors and to help technology buyers make better decisions, Amalgam profiles a firm or thought leader each Thursday to provide guidance on those who we think of as influential and innovative thought leaders.

First up in this series is Mint Jutras, a firm that Amalgam Insights greatly respects in the Enterprise Applications market.

Who They Are

Mint Jutras is an independent research and advisory firm led by Cindy Jutras, the President and chief analyst of the firm. Mint Jutras covers the business benefits of technology and conducts primary research and analysis across ERP and related enterprise applications including enterprise performance management, manufacturing solutions, and accounting as well as digital transformation, business customization, and strategic planning. Mint Jutras provides speaking, writing, and research capabilities to the enterprise applications markets.

Why You Should Read Them

Mint Jutras brings deep experience across pricing, licensing, product development, and a variety of industries. In addition, her primary ERP survey provides deep insight into the current state of ERP, including emerging trends and data points that either confirm or contradict market assumptions. Having had the experience of working with Cindy Jutras at the Aberdeen Group and having learned some of the intricacies of survey-based research from her, I can attest to the detail and thought of the survey process that Mint Jutras has put into each annual survey.

Mint Jutras also provides deep experience from Cindy Jutras’ career that spans the history of Enterprise Resource Planning as a core enterprise system. This experience is the basis of the context that Mint Jutras brings into its research. This combination of experience and data makes Mint Jutras a must-read firm for any ERP vendor or for any business strategist seeking to augment, update, or replace their ERP environments.

Finally, Cindy Jutras of Mint Jutras is regularly listed as a top ERP influencer whether the source is Solutions Review, ERPeople, or Onalytica.

Potential For Amalgam Insights to Work With Mint Jutras

Amalgam Insights and Mint Jutras share a Director of Business Development, Lisa Lincoln and our respect for Mint Jutras should be obvious. However, our coverage areas only overlap in the areas of accounting and enterprise performance management, which limits our potential to work together. That said, it’s fair to say that Amalgam would love to work with Mint Jutras if the potential for a joint project came up.

Next Week: Hurwitz and Associates

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DBAs, Update Your Resumes! Oracle Announces the Availability of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud

On March 27th, Oracle announced availability of the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, a service that will spin up a data warehouse and provide automated security, high availability, performance tuning, scaling, patching, and administration at a cost guaranteeed to be half of equivalent Amazon Web Services resources through May 2019. Built on Oracle Database 18c, this new service is both a godsend and a warning call for IT.

As Amalgam said last December, Oracle’s push towards what they are calling the “Autonomous Database” and “Autonomous Cloud” is an important step forward in envisioning an new generation of IT where the operational tasks of rules-based administration, monitoring, and iterative performance tuning are handled without direct human intervention. This will allow IT departments to drive more infrastructure into the cloud and reduce the overall Total Cost of Ownership. This is a fundamental change and differs radically from cloud providers such as Amazon and Microsoft that are providing granular services, but are not replacing the management of those services.

Here’s what you should expect
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Why Learning And Development Efforts Misuse Gamification (One-Size-Does-Not-Fit-All)

Recommended Audience: Chief Learning Officers, Chief Human Resources Officers, Learning and Development directors and managers, Corporate Trainers, Enterprise Librarians and Content Managers, Instructional Designers, Corporate Communications, Product Managers with a Content or Learning focus.

Key Takeaway: L&D-based gamification is ignoring major swathes of personality and human motivation, which prevents most current business approaches of gamification from being effective.
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The great Stephen Hawking has passed away


On March 14, 2018, the great Stephen Hawking passed away. As a scientist, evangelist, and public figure, Hawking has been one of the preeminent voices in science over the past 50 years based on his primary research, his best-selling writing including “A Brief History in Time,” and his media appearances in pop culture bastions such as the Simpsons and The Big Bang Theory.

He is the most inspirational and memorable scientist of our generation. But what is it that made him great and what can we take away from his life that can improve what we do? As an IT researcher, my mission is far less ambitious than Hawking’s. But even so, there are a few lessons I like to think I learned from him Continue reading The great Stephen Hawking has passed away

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Anaplan States Planning Is Dead, Focuses on the Era of Real-Time Decision

Recommended Reading for: Finance, Sales Operations, Supply Chain Management, IT Management, and Enterprise Strategy Personnel
Companies Mentioned: Anaplan, IBM, SAP, Oracle, Microstrategy, Tableau, DataRobot, TROVE Data, Louis Vuitton, Premji Invest, Salesforce Ventures, Top Tier Capital Partners, Baillie Gifford, Granite Ventures, Industry Ventures, Meritech Capital, Constellation Research, Ventana Research, IDC, Mint Jutras, ISG, Gartner, Apps Run the World, TechVentive

On March 6th and 7th, 2018, Amalgam Insights attended Anaplan Hub 18. Anaplan has been on Amalgam analysts’ radar for several years, as we consider Anaplan’s Hyperblock foundation and ability to serve multi-departmental planning in enterprises without a year or more of setup to be fundamental advantages. As we have covered this company, we have been waiting for Anaplan to reach its breakthrough moment where it takes its place as one of the true market leaders in enterprise applications. It is in this context that we attended Anaplan Hub and judged our interactions with Anaplan executives, customers, and partners.

This report provides updates on Anaplan’s key business metrics, executive insights from an analyst-only panel, keynote and product announcements, a 2018 perspective on customer success stories with Anaplan, and Amalgam’s expectations for Anaplan in 2018 and beyond as both a real-time planning application and a Platform as a Service.

Anaplan Key Business Updates
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Why Enterprise Gamification is Broken (The Psychological Science of Motivation and Effort)

Gamification entered the enterprise world in the mid-2000s. At the time, a number of startup companies (e.g., Bunchball, Gigya, Badgeville, Foursquare and SCVNGR, to name a few) entered the market with the promise of increased employee engagement through point, badge and similar compensation and incentivization schemes. These are collectively referred to as gamification. The underlying assumption was that people would complete tasks and goals more quickly and more accurately because the incentives were present.

These solutions targeted customer loyalty, sales enablement and some marketing initiatives, but the most successful applications were in sales. Despite raising significant capital, the majority of these companies folded because client’s internal adoption was low, and in many cases, these offering were no more effective than simply posting current sales results or sales metrics on the wall.
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