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#ThoughtLeaderThursday – Hurwitz and Associates

ThoughtLeaderThursday - Hurwitz
ThoughtLeaderThursday – Hurwitz

As part of Amalgam Insights’ research process, we also keep track of the wide array of analysts, consultants, and thought leaders who are most relevant across our practice areas. Beyond the most well-known firms, such as the likes of Gartner, Forrester, and IDC, there are a wide array of bespoke and custom firms that conduct world-class work. To help provide context on how Amalgam Insights looks at our peers, partners, and competitors and to help technology buyers make better decisions, Amalgam profiles a firm or thought leader each Thursday to provide guidance on those who we think of as influential and innovative thought leaders.

This week, we profile Hurwitz and Associates, a team of industry analysts focused on articulating the practical value of innovation and emerging technologies.

Who They Are

Led by established thought leader Judith Hurwitz, Hurwitz and Associates provides consulting, research and analysis on how disruptive and emerging technology solutions solve real world customer problems. Other prominent Hurwitz analysts include VP/Principal Analysts:
Jean Bozman, who focuses on the challenges of hybrid clouds, including server, storage, database, and Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) technologies
Dan Kirsch, trained as an attorney, who looks at compliance, governance, security and privacy issues associated with technology.

Why You Should Read Them

Hurwitz and Associates has both written and contributed to a number of technology books over the years, including Smart or Lucky? and a wide array of “For Dummies” books for those seeking guidance on hybrid cloud, virtualization, machine learning, and more. In addition, Hurwitz’ analysts have their own blogs and reports and work with vendors on selling and positioning strategies.

One of the traits I enjoy most about Hurwitz and Associates is their strong and educated opinions across technology markets. Their experience in working with technology innovation over the past decades allow them to quickly differentiate between unique value propositions and cold rehashes of prior technology claims. This firm does a great job of providing a no-nonsense approach that avoids both hype and unnecessary jargon.

Potential For Amalgam Insights to Work With Hurwitz and Associates

Amalgam Insights and Hurwitz and Associates have already worked together on a project and have conducted joint briefings with vendors. We both share an interest in machine learning, DevOps, and hybrid cloud management. However, our outputs tend to be different, as Amalgam focuses more on Business Value Analysis and Analyst Insights reports while Hurwitz and Associates writes more long-form documents. We have some overlap, as all analyst firms do in their written research products. However, Amalgam would gladly work again with Hurwitz and Associates on an appropriate speaking panel, presentation, or project that would require additional scale and we actively look for opportunities to work together.

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