IBM Provides a Vision for the Augmented Future at IBM Think

At IBM Think in March of 2018, IBM aggregated all of its conferences into a megaconference held in Las Vegas and targeted and providing a large venue for IBM’s strongest thought leadership themes and public facing announcements. Amalgam notes that this conference was very successful at showing IBM’s long-term vision and perspective, but that this first-year conference had some logistical challenges that prevented attendees from capturing the full depth and breadth of IBM’s progress over the past year.

At this event, two key themes emerged: IBM’s role in creating the next generation of technologies, including AI, Blockchain, and quantum computing and also IBM Research, which was front and center to a greater extent than in past years where IBM Research scientists were often relegated to a small portion of the expo and the occasional session. At this event, IBM Research director and Senior Vice President of Hybrid Cloud Arvind Krishna and his colleagues played a much stronger role than in previous years, which was helpful in providing IBM observers and customers with a clearer view of IBM’s intentions regarding the future of IBM.

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