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Torchbearer Case Study: OceanX Delivers the Consumer Subscription Experience with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

(Note: Torchbearer Case Studies provide enterprises with a strong example of the “Art of the Possible” in using technology to enhance their business environment. Amalgam Insights provides emerging best practices based on the experience of the Torchbearer to inspire and educate Early Adopter and Early Majority buyers seeking to develop a strategic advantage.)

At Oracle Open World, I was interested in learning more about the Oracle Cloud and its role in data and analytics. Although Oracle has admittedly been relatively late to the enterprise cloud, the Oracle Cloud was front and center throughout Oracle Open World and it was interesting to see how Oracle was able to bring up enterprise technology deployments across its portfolio. One example of enterprise success in working with the Oracle Cloud that stood out was from OceanX.

At Oracle Open World, OceanX won the 2018 Oracle Innovation Award for Data Management. OceanX is a spinoff of Guthy-Renker started in 2016 to provide an integrated subscription commerce platform which brings together e-commerce, fulfilment, customer service, and business analytics associated with direct-to-consumer subscription programs. This allows consumer brands to provide personalized and bespoke products in their subscription offerings and to build consumer relationships based on a holistic view of the customer’s preferences, purchases, and interactions.

During the event, I had the opportunity to speak with Vijay Manickam, the Vice President of Data and Analytics at OceanX. Vijay manages a team of data engineers, reporting engineers, and data analytics who work together in sending out relevant data and analytics outputs to their clients, many of whom use these outputs as the start of their own in-house data science efforts…

To understand why OceanX chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure over Amazon Web Services, how this investment helps OceanX to provide a more personalized experience than other subscription and eCommerce providers, and why OceanX’s experience should help guide your organization’s public cloud selection process, purchase this report at  or contact to ask for reprint and licensing rights.

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