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Analysis: CoreView Raises $10 Million Series B Round for SaaS Management

Key Stakeholders: CIO, CTO, CFO, Software Asset Managers, IT Asset Managers, IT Procurement Managers, Technology Expense Managers, Sales Operations Managers, Marketing Operations Managers.

Why It Matters: The investment in CoreView comes at a time when SaaS proliferation and management are becoming a core IT problem. CoreView’s leadership position in managing Microsoft 365 and enterprise SaaS portfolios makes it a vendor to consider to solve the SaaS mess.

Top Takeaway: Enterprises and IT suppliers managing large SaaS portfolios either from a financial or operational perspective must find a solution to manage the hundreds or thousands of SaaS apps and services under management or risk both security breaches and financial bloat with millions of dollars at stake.

About the Acquisition

On October 5th, 2020, CoreView raised a $10 million Series B round which was led by Insight Partners. CoreView provides a Software as a Service management platform to secure and optimize Microsoft 365 and additional applications as an augmentation of the Microsoft M365 Admin Center.

CoreView was founded in 2014 in Milan, Italy by a team with experience as Microsoft system integrators to provide governance for Office 365 deployments. In October 2019, CoreView augmented its solution with the acquisition of Alpin, a SaaS management solution used to monitor SaaS activity and manage costs.

With this funding, CoreView is expected to increase both its direct clientele as well as its global reseller and service provider base. Having grown almost three-fold over the past year, CoreView is acquiring this funding at a time when SaaS management is becoming an increasingly important part of IT management.

From Amalgam Insights’ perspective, this funding is interesting for two reasons: the quality of the investor and the growing challenge of managing SaaS.

First, this round was led by Insight Partners, which has a strong history of investing in fast-growing DevOps and data companies in line with CoreView’s enterprise software management needs, including Ambassador, Carbon Relay, JFrog, Resolve, Dremio, and OneTrust. Because this investor has been deeply involved with investments in the future of software development and management, Amalgam Insights believes that Insight Partners provides value to CoreView as an investor.

Second, this funding is coming at a time when SaaS proliferation has become an increasingly challenging problem. This funding indicates where the next wave of growth is going to occur in IT management. After a decade of stating that “There’s an app for that, companies must now face the challenge of standardizing and optimizing their app environments. Security vendors such as Symantec and NetSkope have published estimates that the average enterprise uses between 900 and 1200 discrete apps and services on a regular basis, which creates a logistical nightmare.

A decade ago, I wrote on the challenges of Bring Your Own Device and the issues of expense and inventory management for these $500 devices. But with the emergence of Bring Your Own App, multiplied by the sheer proliferation of productivity, sales and marketing, and other line-of-business applications, SaaS management was already coming of age as its own complicated challenge for IT as SaaS was growing 20-25% per year as a market. With the challenges of COVID-19, SaaS has only become more important for keeping remote and work-from-home employees connected to key tools and data.


Based on this funding round, Amalgam Insights makes one key recommendation for IT departments: get control of your SaaS portfolio, which is likely scattered across line-of-business admins, expense reports, and the half of SaaS associated with enterprise software that is currently in IT. Even if the app administration remains in the hands of the line-of-business teams, IT needs to be aware of the data governance, data integration and duplication, and zero-trust based management of least-privilege access across apps. IT still has a job in the SaaS era as SaaS continues to grow from its current size of a quarter of all software in 2020 to Amalgam Insights’ projection in 2025 that the SaaS market will triple to approximately $300 billion and become half of the enterprise software market.

An additional recommendation for all IT agents, resellers, and service providers is to gain a SaaS management capability as soon as possible. At this point, this means looking at two areas: SaaS Operations Management focused on the governance and configuration of SaaS and SaaS Expense Management focused on the inventory and cost optimization of SaaS. There is some overlap between the two as well as some areas of specialization. From Amalgam Insights’ perspective, CoreView is recommended as both an Operations Management and an Expense Management solution with a specialization in supporting Microsoft 365.

If you have any questions about this research note or on the SaaS Management market, please contact Amalgam Insights at to set up time to speak with our analysts.

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