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The Emerging Age of Decision Intelligence

Amalgam Insights recently caught up with diwo, a decision intelligence solution that provides companies with a consistent approach for contextualizing recommendations and developing portfolios of strategies, scenarios, and actions. We first spoke with diwo in 2017 at its launch at the Strata Conference.

Based on discussions with the vendor and with enterprises facing challenges with their analytics, machine learning, Big Data, and data management environments, Amalgam Insights believes that decision intelligence will be a foundational evolutionary stage for enterprise analytics environments in the 2020s and that diwo has an opportunity to be a leading player in this market.

To explain why, consider how the value chain from data recognition and contextualization all the way to recommendation has been largely ignored in the enterprise analytics world as analytics products have been overly focused on the process of “self-service” analytics that drives employees into constant and unending cycles of discovery used to identify data that might be of value.

There are four core issues in enterprise data and analytics that decision intelligence solves:

  1. Decision Intelligence makes analytic recommendations more human.
  2. “Analysis paralysis,” where the search for results and self-driven discovery can lead to a never-ending set of analysis.
  3. A third challenge that exists in the analytic market at large is that the solutions that support natural language and search-based interfaces to ask data questions typically lack “memory.”
  4. A fourth challenge is that even if end-users ask the correct questions, it is hard for analytics solutions to provide semantic or contextual sense of whether those fields are relevant. “Correlation is not Causation” is a standard Statistics 101 truism. But in traditional analytics solutions, correlation is often conflated and is presented as causation.

To read the rest of this piece, read our new report diwo and the Emerging Age of Decision Intelligence available at no cost until July 2nd. This report covers key aspects of this emerging era and how Amalgam Insights believes diwo can play a role in this new era.

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