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April 29: From BI to AI (Akamai, Arize AI, Baseten, Credo AI, Enveil, Exafunction,, HPE, Informatica, Linode, RelationalAI, Salesforce, Snowflake, Synthesis AI, Tableau)

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Baseten Raises $12M A Round, Launches Product to Turn Machine Learning Models into Apps

Baseten, a platform that turns machine learning models into web applications, announced on April 26 that they had raised $20M in combined seed and Series A funding. The seed round of $8M was co-led by Greylock and South Park Commons Fund, while the A round was led by Greylock. Baseten also formally launched their product into public beta. Amalgam Insights’ Hyoun Park was quoted in Baseten’s press release announcing the funding and launch.

Enveil Secures $25M B Round

Enveil, a data privacy company, announced that it had closed $25M in Series B financing this week. USAA led the oversubscribed round, with participation from existing investors Bloomberg Beta, Capital One Ventures, C5 Capital, Cyber Mentor Fund, DataTribe, GC&H, In-Q-Tel, Mastercard, and 1843 Capital. Enveil plans to put the funds towards product development, expanding sales, and marketing.

Exafunction Raises $25 Million Series A Funding Led by Greenoaks | Business Wire

Exafunction, a deep learning infrastructure company, announced $25M in Series A financing. Greenoaks led the round, with Founders Fund participating. The funding will go towards R+D, customer training, and performance improvements, in particular around GPU virtualization.

RelationalAI Raises $75M B Round, Bringing Total Funding to $122M

On April 26, RelationalAI, a knowledge graph system builder, announced that they had closed $75M in a Series B funding round. Tiger Global led the round, with participation from existing investors Addition, Madrona Venture Group, and Menlo Ventures. The funding will go towards R+D and go-to-market activities. As part of the transaction, Bob Muglia, former CEO of Snowflake, has joined the RelationalAI board.

Synthesis AI Raises $17M in Series A Funding

On April 28, Synthesis AI, a synthetic data platform, announced that they had closed $17M in Series A financing. New investor 468 Capital led the round, with participation from additional new investors Sorenson Ventures and Strawberry Creek Ventures and existing investors Bee Partners, iRobot Boom Capital, Kubera Venture Capital, and PJC. Synthesis AI will use the funds for hiring, product development, and R+D at the intersection of AI and computer-generated imagery (CGI).

Launches and Updates

Akamai Debuts Linode Managed Database Service

On April 25, Akamai launched a managed database service powered by Linode, which Akamai acquired back in March. The service handles common maintenance and deployment tasks associated with database management, allowing for better performance and uptime. The launch reflects Akamai’s expansion into database management services to go along with its existing networking capabilities.

Arize AI Launches Bias Tracing to Address Algorithmic Bias

Arize AI, a machine learning observability platform, launched Arize Bias Tracing this week. The tool helps data science and machine learning teams monitor models for bias, discover what features and cohorts contribute to bias in a given model, and mitigate the impact of bias on said model.

Credo AI Reveals Responsible AI Governance Platform

Credo AI, a governance solution for AI, launched its Responsible AI platform this week. Key features in Responsible AI include a pipeline that ingests assessments from Credo AI Lens and translates them into risk scores across common AI risk areas; a repository for critical governance artifacts; the ability to assess AI risk and compliance of third-party AI and ML models via a dedicated portal. Releases New Version of its Platform, Provides “Knowledge Model” AI Accelerators, a natural language hybrid AI platform, announced the latest version of its platform on April 26. Notable features include a set of “Knowledge Models,”, which are pre-configured rules-based models that can extract entities, insights, and relationships from text within specific domains. Included domains with this release are finance, life sciences, environmental, social, and governance (ESG), personally identifiable information (PII), and behavioral and emotional traits. In addition, Azure has been added as a deployment environment, Boomi and Qlik can now be used to connect to third-party applications, and custom Python and Java can be used in the natural language workflow orchestrations.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Reveals Machine Learning Development Environment

On April 27, Hewlett Packard Enterprise debuted their HPE Machine Learning Development System. The System consists of HPE’s machine learning platform, HPE Machine Learning Development Environment, along with hardware and software to optimize development, training, and deployment of machine learning models.

Tableau Expands Analytics Embedding Capabilities

At Salesforce TrailblazerDX ’22, Tableau announced additional capabilities around embedding analytics. These include Web Data Connector 3.0, which allows data developers to build connectors from their data to a web application; v3 of Tableau’s Embedding API, so Tableau analytics can be integrated into any application using web components; Embeddable Web Authoring, the ability to edit Tableau visualizations within any application or web portal; Connected Apps for Seamless Authentication, which permits Tableau to be integrated into developers’ applications with proper authentication; and Tableau Actions with Salesforce Flow, the ability to trigger workflows in Flow directly from a Tableau dashboard.


Informatica and Snowflake Integrate Governance Features

Informatica and Snowflake continue to grow their partnership. This week, Informatica announced an integration between Snowflake Data Cloud’s native governance features and Informatica’s Cloud Data Governance and Catalog. The integration will provide a dashboard allowing for easy monitoring of data governance, access controls, and end-to-end lineage.

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April 22: From BI to AI (Amazon, Arcion, Azure, Dassana, Databricks, Denodo, Grafana, IBM, Oracle, Privitar, SAS, StreamNative, TIBCO, Vianai)

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Dassana Surfaces From Stealth, Secures $5M in Seed Round

Cloud log lake company Dassana secured $5M in seed funding this week. Dell Technologies Capital led the round, with participation from additional angel investors. Dassana also announced that the Dassana Cloud Log Lake was now in public beta, distinguished by separating storage and compute to promote cost savings, and an optimized storage data structure to make queries to its cloud log lake highly performative.


Arcion Partners With Databricks

Last week, Arcion launched Arcion Cloud, its data replication platform; this week, Arcion announced that Arcion Cloud was now available via Databricks Partner Connect, enabling Databricks users to begin using Arcion to copy and move data from high-volume transactional databases without requiring coding skills.

Privitar Partners with Denodo

Data provisioning software provider Privitar announced a strategic partnership with Denodo, a data integration and management software provider. Combining Denodo’s data virtualization capabilities with Privitar’s focus on data provisioning and privacy will allow customers to provision their data in more easily reusable ways, while enforcing proper access and governance, and remaining compliant with applicable regulations.

Launches and Updates

Amazon Aurora Serverless v2 now Generally Available

At AWS Summit yesterday, Amazon announced the release of Amazon Aurora Serverless v2. Aurora Serverless is a database option for applications with unpredictable traffic that automatically scales capacity up and down as needed. Improvements to v2 include significantly quicker scaling speeds (fractions of a second as opposed to taking several seconds and up to nearly a minute in some cases with v1), and more granular scaling capabilities (v1 could only increase capacity by doubling).

Azure Managed Grafana Now In Preview

On April 18, Microsoft announced that Azure Managed Grafana was now available in preview, allowing Azure customers to integrate Grafana dashboards into their Azure environment, facilitating access to Azure services and data sources from within said dashboards. This includes the ability to securely share Grafana dashboards with Azure Active Directory.

Databricks Announces Media and Entertainment Lakehouse Offering

In the continuing rollout of vertical-specific lakehouse offerings, this week, Databricks debuted its Media and Entertainment Lakehouse. Notable features include accelerators for core industry use cases such as AI-driven recommendation engines, advertising optimization, and customer lifetime value and churn, among others.

StreamNative Launches StreamNative Cloud for Kafka

On April 21, StreamNative, a messaging and event streaming platform, announced StreamNative Cloud for Kafka. The new product addresses a couple of common issues Kafka users encounter with particularly high volumes of streaming data, while allowing users to continue ingesting streaming data formatted in the Kafka protocol but processing it under the hood using Apache Pulsar. StreamNative, founded in 2019, raised a $23M A round last fall.

TIBCO WebFOCUS 9.0.0 Makes its Debut

On April 19, TIBCO announced the release of TIBCO WebFOCUS 9.0.0. Key additions include a Container Edition of WebFOCUS, which permits Kubernetes deployments from within WebFOCUS; the Hub, a directory that makes it easier for users to access content and data from any device within WebFOCUS; and Designer updates that streamline the ability to create, manage, and stage datasets when creating content.

VIANAI Systems Introduces Vian H+AI

On April 19, Vianai Systems, an AI platform company headed by former SAP CTO Vishal Sikka, launched the Vian H+AI platform. The initial rollout includes Vian MLOps, to manage, optimize, deploy, and govern machine learning models. Key capabilities include model risk monitoring, software-based performance optimization, and quick model operationalization.


SAS Data Ethics Director Reggie Townsend Named to National AI Advisory Committee

Reggie Townsend, director of the Data Ethics Practice for SAS, has been named to the National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee (NAIAC). The NAIAC advises the President on AI-related issues; members of the committee serve three-year terms. Townsend is also on the board of EqualAI, a nonprofit that works to reduce unconscious bias in AI development and usage.


IBM’s Annual Think Conference to Expand Globally

IBM Think 2022 will kick off its flagship event in person in Boston on May 10, to be followed by a global “Think on Tour” series of invite-only gatherings. IBM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Arvind Krishna will provide the opening keynote in Boston. Key conference themes will include how AI and automation provide opportunities to rethink business operations, among other topics. IBM will also present Think Broadcast on May 10 and 11, a live anchored program for those who cannot attend Think 2022 in person.

One Last Note

61% of People Believe Bots Will Succeed Where Humans Have Failed with Corporate Sustainability

According to a new Oracle-Harvard study. Whether this speaks to the survey respondents’ faith in AI or doubt in humanity …

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April 15: From BI to AI (Alteryx, Anaconda, Arcion, Domino Data Lab, Esri, Mathworks, Microsoft, Noogata, SAP, ScyllaDB, Snowflake)

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Funding and Finances

Alteryx Announces Q1 2022 Financial Results Release Date
Microsoft Announces Quarterly Earnings Release Date (Q3 2022)
SAP to Release Q1 2022 Results

This week, Alteryx, Microsoft, and SAP all announced the release dates of their most recent quarterly earnings results. SAP’s results will be broadcast April 22, Microsoft will reveal their results April 26, and Alteryx will release their earnings statement May 3.

Noogata Closes $16M Series A

Noogata, a no-code AI platform, announced April 12 that it had closed $16M in Series A Funding. Eight Roads led the funding round, with participation from Allon Ventures. Noogata will use the funding to expand their presence in the US, along with funding further R+D operations in Israel.


Anaconda Announces Esri Collaboration

On April 12, data science platform Anaconda announced a collaboration with geographic information software provider Esri. Esri’s ArcGIS users now have access to preloaded geospatial packages which can be used to do data analysis in Python while working in a familiar ArcGIS environment.

Launches and Updates

Announcing Arcion Cloud

On April 12, Arcion announced the launch of Arcion Cloud, a data replication platform. Arcion Cloud uses change data capture technology to make the process of transferring data between transactional databases and cloud analytics platforms more efficient. At launch, Arcion Cloud works with Oracle, MySQL, Snowflake, Databricks, and SingleStore.

NoSQL Database ScyllaDB Now Available on AWS Marketplace

ScyllaDB, a high-performance, low-latency NoSQL database, announced April 13 that it was now available on the AWS Marketplace, expanding from its original GCP presence. AWS users will be able to purchase Scylla Cloud and Scylla Enterprise via their existing AWS accounts, rather than having to establish a separate contract with Scylla.


Domino Data Lab Reveals Rev 3 Speaker Lineup and Agenda

Domino Data Lab revealed the lineup for its 2022 Rev 3 Summit in New York May 5-6. The theme for this year’s event is “Data Science: Driving Breakthroughs and Innovations for Enterprise and Humanity.” Keynote speakers include Nobel Prize winning professor Dr. Jennifer Doudha, Google Chief Decision Scientist Cassie Kozyrkov, and authors James Clear and Cass Sunstein, among others. To register for the conference, please visit the Rev 3 website.

MathWorks Offers Sneak Peek of MATLAB EXPO 2022 Online

MATLAB EXPO 2022 will be held live online May 17-18, 2022., across multiple time zones. Featured speakers will include Dr. Tanya Morton, Worldwide Director Customer Success Engineering at Mathworks; Dr. Talitha Washington, Director of the Atlanta University Center Data Science Initiative; Rolls-Royce Head of Systems and Software Jonathan Cooper; and Gulfstream Aerospace Senior Project Manager Chris Watkins. The conference is free; register on the MATLAB EXPO website.

Snowflake Summit 2022 Addresses Data Collaboration

Snowflake Summit 2022 will be held in Las Vegas June 13-16, 2022. The theme of the summit is “The World of Data Collaboration.” Highlighted speakers will include Snowflake Chairman and CEO Frank Slootman, Snowflake Co-Founder and President of Products Benoit Dageville, and free-solo rock climber Alex Honnold, among numerous customer speakers. Register for Snowflake Summit on the event website.

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April 8: From BI to AI (Accenture,, Atlassian, Confluent, Databricks, Dataiku,, Deloitte, Elastic, Fivetran, Gamma Soft, Google Cloud, Instaclustr,, MongoDB, Monitaur, Neo4j, NetApp, ReadySet, Redis, Starburst, Talend)

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Funding Announces $31 Million Series B Funding Round

On April 6,, a data and analytics engineering automation platform, announced that they had secured a $31M Series B round of financing. Tiger Global led the round, with participation from existing investor Accel and new investor Shasta Ventures. The funding will be used to expand go-to-market efforts and target geographies, as well as broadening the scope of supported cloud platforms. Announces $50M Series C Funding Round

On April 5,, an enterprise data catalog, announced a $50M Series C funding round. Goldman Sachs’’s Growth Equity group led the funding round. Additional contributions came from Prologis Ventures, Sandbox Insurtech Ventures, Shasta Ventures, Vopak Ventures, and individual angel investors. Funding will go towards hiring, global geographic expansion, and product development.

ReadySet Launches, Reveals $29M in Early Funding

On April 5, ReadySet, a SQL caching engine, officially launched, revealing $29M in seed round and Series A funding. Index Ventures led the A round, with participation by Amplify Partners and additional angel investors. The funding will go towards product development.

Product Launches and Updates

Welcoming Atlassian Data Lake and Atlassian Analytics

Atlassian announced new capabilities of its Atlassian Platform at its Team 22 event earlier this week. The Atlassian Data Lake will gather data from the various Atlassian apps in one place for convenient querying. At launch, the focus is on data from Jira Software and Jira Service Management, but Atlassian plans to include its other apps soon. As for actually analyzing the data, Atlassian used technology from its Chartio acquisition last year to build Atlassian Analytics, which connects to the Atlassian Data Lake and generates analytics and visualizations of data both in the data lake, and combined with third-party data as well.

Databricks Makes Delta Live Tables Generally Available

On April 5, Databricks announced that Delta Live Tables was now generally available. Delta Live Tables automates repetitive, time-consuming parts of data pipeline operation and maintenance so that data engineers and analysts can focus on the actual data. Debuts its Data Privacy Automation Platform came out of stealth mode April 6, announcing the general availability of its data privacy automation platform. LightBeam consolidates and automates data compliance processes that are often manually managed at the moment, helping companies abide more strictly by data privacy regulations.

Monitaur Launches GovernML Addition to ML Assurance Platform

Monitaur, an AI governance company, announced the general availability of GovernML on April 6, part of its ML Assurance suite to monitor machine learning models for bias, risk, and other behavioral issues. GovernML will create a system of record providing a governance offering around the AI lifecycle, offering key features such as policy management, technical monitoring, and human oversight of model performance and results.

Partnerships and Acquisitions

Debuting the Data Cloud Alliance

On April 5, Google Cloud joined with nearly a dozen other companies (Accenture, Confluent, Databricks, Dataiku, Deloitte, Elastic, Fivetran, MongoDB, Neo4j, Redis, and Starburst) to found the Data Cloud Alliance, committing to making data more accessible and mobile across a wide variety of environments. Alliance members will strive to reduce complexity in data environments by providing infrastructure, APIs, and support for data portability and accessibility between platforms, working towards building digital data standards the members will support in common.

NetApp Announces Intent to Acquire Instaclustr

NetApp announced April 7 that it had signed a definitive agreement to acquire Instaclustr, a database and data app deployment service. While NetApp has long been known for its data storage capabilities, its acquisition of Instaclustr is the latest in a series of procurements reflecting a significant expansion of data management capabilities among their offerings.

Talend Acquires Gamma Soft

On April 7, data integration company Talend announced that it had acquired Gamma Soft, a change data capture company. Combining Gamma Soft’s change data capture capabilities with Talend’s data integration and management functionality will help Talend customers process data changes more quickly.

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April 1: From BI to AI (Alteryx, Arize AI, Black Crow AI, Cloudera, Datafold, dbt Labs, Indico, Oracle, Pinecone, Snowflake, Tableau)

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Black Crow AI Raises $25 Million Series A
On March 31, Black Crow AI, a digital-commerce-focused no-code machine learning company, announced that it had raised $25M in Series A funding. The round was led by Imaginary Ventures; other participants included Good Friends, Interplay, Left Lane, and Red Antler, as well as individual investors who primarily have founded digital commerce companies. Black Crow AI will use the funds to accelerate R+D of new machine learning use cases in digital commerce and related verticals.

Amalgam’s Insight: No-code machine learning is an approach that will quickly move into all verticals and be used to bring models and complex analysis to line-of-business employees. Data analysts should keep track of the no-code solutions appearing in their industries as potential augmentations to their existing analytics toolkits.

Pinecone Announces $28M Series A Financing
On March 29, Pinecone Systems, a vector database company, announced that they had completed a $28M Series A financing round. Menlo Ventures led the round, with participation from new investor Tiger Global and previous investor Wing Venture Capital. Tim Tully, partner at Menlo Ventures, will join Pinecone’s Board of Directors as part of the transaction. The funding will go towards hiring in product, customer success, and R+D, with specific investments in machine learning, information retrieval, and natural language processing research.

Amalgam’s Insight: Amalgam Insights continues to posit that enterprises need multiple data formats to support high performance analytics and machine learning, including vector and graph-based approaches. No company ever brags about having the most outdated and least useful data technology, and for good reason. Amalgam also notes the engagement of the ever-present Tiger Global in this round as Tiger continues to be an aggressive investor in emerging tech.

Product Launches and Updates

Arize AI Launches Self-Serve Access Option, Free Tier
Arize AI, a machine learning observability company, announced the latest version of their platform at their Arize:Observe 2022 Summit this week. Notable enhancements include self-serve options, as well as a free tier that allows access to the full Arize platform for up to two models, 500 features per model, and half a million production predictions per month.

Amalgam’s Insight: Observability for machine learning models and applications continues to be a struggle both to support highly performant models and to provide visibility and lineage from data quality and output effectiveness perspectives. This announcement provides developers and data scientists seeking to operationalize machine learning with a free option to automate aspects of the boring side of ML monitoring.

Indico Data Unveils Indico 5
Indica, an unstructured data processing platform, released Indico 5 this week. New features include automatic document unbundling, even of complex PDFs such as mortgages; linked labels that capture the relationships between document elements; native support for reading over 70 languages, both in print and in handwriting; and Workflow Canvas, a visual interface for users to build and review their document processing automated workflows.

Amalgam’s Insight: Document parsing and tracking are still challenging across banking, healthcare, insurance, legal, and contract management use cases. Language processing capabilities that were considered highly specialized in the past are quickly becoming standardized and expected in the workplace.

Oracle Announces MySQL HeatWave ML
On March 29, Oracle announced that Oracle MySQL Heatwave now supports in-database machine learning. Previously, Heatwave supported transaction processing and analytics. With the new machine learning support, both the data and model reside in the database, making moving the data and model for training no longer necessary.

Amalgam’s Insight: Bringing modeling into the database is a significant performance advantage for MySQL-based machine learning to create ML-friendly data marts. Today’s data world is increasingly complicated as options now exist to bring analytics and machine learning capabilities to the data without needing to move the data. Oracle’s take on this trend is indicative of a potential approach for database providers to move upmarket by taking over some or all of the machine learning support responsibilities. And brining Heatwave in-database provides additional modernization to go with Autopilot, which we saw last year.

Snowflake Launches Retail Data Cloud
On March 28, Snowflake launched the Retail Data Cloud, focused on the data needs of retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and consumer packaged goods vendors and their technology partners. As part of this launch, a number of technology vendors announced related Partner Solutions, including partners like Amazon, DataRobot, Dataiku, Robling, and Tableau.

Amalgam’s Insight: At first glance, this reminds us of the Informatica announcement for the Data Management Cloud for Retail last week. Retail is always a challenging arena for managing data and Snowflake seeks to show its market presense both with this launch and their 1,000+ retail and Consumer Packaged Goods clients.

Tableau 2022.1 Release
Tableau released version 2022.1 earlier this week. Highlights include the new Workbook Optimizer, which evaluates workbook characteristics against known best practices and flags potential improvements in design and speed; improvements to search; Ask Data enhancements permitting a hybrid approach for asking data questions that are hard to put into natural language; Enterprise Deployment Guidelines to help enterprise architects optimize Tableau Server deployment; and setting resource limits on jobs that run in the background on Tableau Server.

Amalgam’s Insight: Tableau continues to focus on the data analyst and is starting to take full advantage of having moved to the cloud in being able to improve workbooks based on the best practices of other Tableau users. In addition, Tableau continues to show improvements in scaling Tableau Server as it continues to be a standard in enterprise analytics.


Datafold and dbt Labs Partner, Launch Integration to Deliver Trusted Data Faster
On March 30, Datafold and dbt Labs announced that they had partnered to produce an integrated way to deliver trusted data faster. Complex data models needing regular updates require testing to understand how they ought to perform in production, but analytics engineers don’t have time to write the thousands of tests needed for a proper evaluation. Datafold now automates regression test creation, saving analytics engineers time in deploying updates to dbt Labs data models in production.

Amalgam’s Insight: Regression testing is a time-consuming aspect of bringing data into production and this challenge will only continue to be more difficult with time as the volume and variety of data increase. Test automation must be brought into any organization seeking to significantly scale the amount of data it wants to analyze.


Alteryx Selects Gari Johnson as Senior Vice President of Asia Pacific and Japan
On March 28, Alteryx announced that they had appointed Gari Johnson as the senior Vice President of Asia Pacific and Japan, leading business strategy and operations for Alteryx in the region. Johnson joins Alteryx from Zendesk, where he was the Senior Vice President of JAPAC (Japan and Asia Pacific). Prior to Zendesk, Johnson was the Area Vice President APAC in Cloud Sales at Salesforce, leading the Enterprise Sales team for cloud solutions.

Amalgam’s Insight: Alteryx continues to expand its executive reach on a global basis to fully access its potential addressable market. Amalgam Insights looks forward to seeing how this affects both Alteryx’s direct sales approaches and partnerships in APAC.

Cloudera Welcomes Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Legal Officer, EVP+GM of Cloud
Cloudera announced a slew of executive appointments this week. Abhas moves into the Chief Strategy Officer position, after having served as Chief of Staff and Vice President for Business Transformation at Cloudera subsequent to the merger with Hortonworks. At Hortonworks, Abhas was the Senior Director Global Head of Strategy, Innovation, and Sales. Irma Laxamana advances to Chief Legal Officer from her previous position of Deputy General Counsel, Vice President, also within Cloudera. Laxamana came over to Cloudera with the Hortonworks merger as well, having served as VP and Deputy General Counsel for five years there. Prior to that, Laxamana also served as Senior Counsel at GoodData and VMware. Prat Moghe moves up to the EVP and GM of Cloud post from a year as the SVP of Cloud at Cloudera. Moghe’s prior company, Cazena, was also acquired by Cloudera; he was the founder and CEO there.

Amalgam’s Insight: Cloudera expands its C-Suite as its corporate integrations have completed and Cloudera has identified multiple executives to elevate. Amalgam finds it especially interesting to see Prat Moghe, a multiple-time founder, being promoted to GM of Cloud and looks forward to seeking how this affects Cloudera’s roadmap.


Alteryx Announces Hybrid 2022 Inspire Conference
Alteryx Inspire 2022, Alteryx’s annual customer and partner conference, will take place in person this year, May 16-19 in Denver, CO, as well as online. Highlights include an executive summit for line-of-business, data, and IT executives; opportunities for product training and professional development; and the return of the Alteryx Grand Prix, where Alteryx power users solve analytics challenges at speed relying on their knowledge of the Alteryx toolkit. Register to attend Alteryx Inspire.

Amalgam’s Insight: The Alteryx Grand Prix is one of the most interesting activities in analytics, as it successfully turns data analyst work into a spectator sport. Our analysts have been to Alteryx events since 2013 working for a variety of companies and can vouch that it is a must-watch for anyone interested in analytic challenges. Interestingly, this event is happening at the same time as Tableau Conference (May 17-19) and it will be interesting to see if these once-close partners provide competing or joint products at their events.