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April 15: From BI to AI (Alteryx, Anaconda, Arcion, Domino Data Lab, Esri, Mathworks, Microsoft, Noogata, SAP, ScyllaDB, Snowflake)

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Funding and Finances

Alteryx Announces Q1 2022 Financial Results Release Date
Microsoft Announces Quarterly Earnings Release Date (Q3 2022)
SAP to Release Q1 2022 Results

This week, Alteryx, Microsoft, and SAP all announced the release dates of their most recent quarterly earnings results. SAP’s results will be broadcast April 22, Microsoft will reveal their results April 26, and Alteryx will release their earnings statement May 3.

Noogata Closes $16M Series A

Noogata, a no-code AI platform, announced April 12 that it had closed $16M in Series A Funding. Eight Roads led the funding round, with participation from Allon Ventures. Noogata will use the funding to expand their presence in the US, along with funding further R+D operations in Israel.


Anaconda Announces Esri Collaboration

On April 12, data science platform Anaconda announced a collaboration with geographic information software provider Esri. Esri’s ArcGIS users now have access to preloaded geospatial packages which can be used to do data analysis in Python while working in a familiar ArcGIS environment.

Launches and Updates

Announcing Arcion Cloud

On April 12, Arcion announced the launch of Arcion Cloud, a data replication platform. Arcion Cloud uses change data capture technology to make the process of transferring data between transactional databases and cloud analytics platforms more efficient. At launch, Arcion Cloud works with Oracle, MySQL, Snowflake, Databricks, and SingleStore.

NoSQL Database ScyllaDB Now Available on AWS Marketplace

ScyllaDB, a high-performance, low-latency NoSQL database, announced April 13 that it was now available on the AWS Marketplace, expanding from its original GCP presence. AWS users will be able to purchase Scylla Cloud and Scylla Enterprise via their existing AWS accounts, rather than having to establish a separate contract with Scylla.


Domino Data Lab Reveals Rev 3 Speaker Lineup and Agenda

Domino Data Lab revealed the lineup for its 2022 Rev 3 Summit in New York May 5-6. The theme for this year’s event is “Data Science: Driving Breakthroughs and Innovations for Enterprise and Humanity.” Keynote speakers include Nobel Prize winning professor Dr. Jennifer Doudha, Google Chief Decision Scientist Cassie Kozyrkov, and authors James Clear and Cass Sunstein, among others. To register for the conference, please visit the Rev 3 website.

MathWorks Offers Sneak Peek of MATLAB EXPO 2022 Online

MATLAB EXPO 2022 will be held live online May 17-18, 2022., across multiple time zones. Featured speakers will include Dr. Tanya Morton, Worldwide Director Customer Success Engineering at Mathworks; Dr. Talitha Washington, Director of the Atlanta University Center Data Science Initiative; Rolls-Royce Head of Systems and Software Jonathan Cooper; and Gulfstream Aerospace Senior Project Manager Chris Watkins. The conference is free; register on the MATLAB EXPO website.

Snowflake Summit 2022 Addresses Data Collaboration

Snowflake Summit 2022 will be held in Las Vegas June 13-16, 2022. The theme of the summit is “The World of Data Collaboration.” Highlighted speakers will include Snowflake Chairman and CEO Frank Slootman, Snowflake Co-Founder and President of Products Benoit Dageville, and free-solo rock climber Alex Honnold, among numerous customer speakers. Register for Snowflake Summit on the event website.