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Why Oktane Has Become The Most Important SaaS Event of the Year

Key Stakeholders: Chief Information Officers, Chief Digital Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, Security Directors and Managers , Security Operations Directors, IT Architects, IT Strategists, Identity and Access Directors and Managers, Software Engineers, Cloud Strategists

Why This Matters: Cloud and digital strategists who are not attending Oktane risk missing out on key SaaS and IT management strategies emerging in an end-user centric model of IT.

In late May, Amalgam had the opportunity to stop by Oktane18, Okta’s annual end user conference. In our mobility and cloud management coverage, Okta regularly appears as an important identity, access management, and security partner used to coordinate activity with a variety of technology lifecycle management solutions.

In speaking with Okta customers, I found in its too-short time at Oktane that Okta customers had visibility to all of the applications and resources being used within their technology environment, as well as an understanding of who was accessing each resource. I spoke with multiple Okta customers who had used Okta to support mergers and acquisitions activity both to merge instances of a specific application, such as email, as well as to rationalize software portfolios across both companies and figure out when and how to either maintain or remove each application from the enterprise service portfolio.

As a core identity and access solution, Okta ends up being an important Switzerland that can effectively track both cloud and on-premises services and resources without being beholden to any specific stack or vendor. Through its access, authentication, and identity solutions, Okta ends up being one of the most valuable “Manager of Managers” in all of IT through its scope, user visibility, and networked intelligence associated both with resources and users.

To read more about why Okta has become the strategic event for Enterprise SaaS and about the importance of the “Manager of Managers” role for managing IT vendors and services, read the Analyst Insight: Oktane Ascends to the Most Important Event of the Year for Enterprise SaaS

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